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Two more candidates join commissioners' races

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Mac Native 66

Welcome to Oregon, the other California. People who are born here in Oregon should be the only ones who can run for any seat. Here comes more Ca. policy's if Wall wins.

Don Dix

Agree Mac Native 66 -- and the commission seats need impartial attitudes, not someone who 'falls on the sword' anytime the public unions bellow!


People have no control over where they are born. Being born in Oregon as a requirement for a public office is a ridiculous statement.


Commissioner Primozich came to Oregon from Arizona.
Commissioner Starrett is from Brooklyn, NY.

Don Dix

Stan lived/worked in Arizona after his Navy stint in Vietnam, but I believe he was born in Idaho.


IDK about the Oregon born deal. Mary Stern wasn't an Oregon native and she was one of the best Comms to ever serve this County. IMO we can certainly do better than what's in there now no matter where they were born. I'm glad there are a number of candidates. Hoping that it leads to a November runoff so that we can really vet at least the top two candidates. I don't like the "non-partisan" deal. No one in any Commissioner's race has ever truly been "non-partisan". Plus it potentially makes the election cycle so short.

Mac Native 66

You're just as ridiculous Dundee Ted. You're probably a transplant yourself. As my screen name applies, I am a native of Mac. But I will say this much, NOT any amount of money could get me to run for any office.
Don Dix, thank you!


I don't know "Mac"....based on the quality of the last few "locals" that held office (i.e. Lewis, George & Springer) (Rick Olsen excluded), I think limiting the pool of applicants may not be beneficial to the voters.....

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