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Two juveniles arrested in connection with local crime spree

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Maybe if you started arresting the breeders of these pathetic pieces of c##p there wouldn't be such a huge juvenile problem,why were these kids out late enough to cause such damage? Where were the parents? If you don't start holding the parents responsible we are all in trouble.I would like to see public apologies to these businesses by the parents and compensation for the damages.And judges need to start sentencing these kids and there parents to community service,maybe a little public embarrassment might, just might teach the parents to teach their kids a little respect. Come on Judges crack down on these delinquent parents,enough is enough already.


I believe that parents need to start attending a workshop when their kids are convicted, I also believe the parents will need to pay for damages. I would make the kids work to pay the fine and GIVE them a lot of community service - ALL at places they did stuff.

In fact let go on record. We often do the opposite with crime. If someone is convicted for crimes to a business they usually can't go into that business etc..etc. I personally feel it would be more effective to sentence them, have a peace circle and make them do community service in the place they committed the crime.

troy prouty*


Oregon should adopt the law that some states have, allowing a judge to order the parents of minors who commit vandalism to pay for repairs.
In Hawai`i for example, "Any pupil found to be responsible for an act of vandalism against any public school, building, facility, or ground shall make restitution in any manner, including monetary restitution by the pupil or pupil's parents, or guardian, or both."
While the Hawai`i law only applies to schools, it is a step in the right direction. Legislators, are you listening?

Michael Tubbs Sr

"....allowing a judge to order the parents of minors who commit vandalism to pay for repairs."

I agree, doing that would be taking a common sense approach in encouraging parents to be more involved in their children's lives.


I respectfully agree with all your comments, but I am for once glad, the Hispanic community or Kids are not being thrown under the bus this time. I agree that there are some kids that get in trouble but for the most part most of our kids are pretty good. WE as parents are at fault for not being involved in our kids life, Mine,,,, Well turned up pretty good, Played Football, wrestled and pay baseball, not to mention track and any other sport that was available, thanks to that, they where just to tired to get in trouble,


Many times the parents are at fault, but sometimes, parents really do what they should and they just have kids that don't behave - my family as an example, 4 kids, 3 of us stayed out of trouble, did well in school, have good jobs, etc. but one, well, he's still a good person but no matter what my parents did, he kept getting in trouble, was even in jail - my poor mother - my parents were responsible and always paid for anything he damaged but that only made things worse because it took the responsibility away from him to have to do it -- the kids making these stupid choices need to be held responsbible too (I said TOO, the parents have some responsibility, but not always ALL) - they have to work through community service to "earn" enough to pay for damages they caused, when pops passed away and the younger in the family were still teens, my mom worked nights to support us, we were old enough to not need a "babysitter" but he would sneak out and drink with older kids, we tried to stop him but he didn't care - mom made barely enough to put food on the table, there was no way she could afford someone to come in and stay the night to make sure he behaved, at some point, it does become the kids' responsibility....

Michael Tubbs Sr

Zen, allowing a judge the descretion to, case by case, would be helpful, don't you agree?.


Sure, I think that a judge could look a bit more into the family situation, say with the help or recommendation of social services or someone like that, to find out if the kids have proper supervision, if the parents have made an effort to correct the situation or if there is history with that kid already, and then decide if the parents should be responsible, partly responsible or if the child should be's just that there are so many variables that it is hard to simply say "Where are the parents? Hold them responsible!" there is often a lot more to it than that.


I put this in another post, fit here as well: Ok, so we do have camps- they do not work unless you have parents that stand behind the child and work towards a brighter future for their kid.
As far as things to do for kids, I generally find that those who make this statement truly have no idea what their city offers. McMinnville offers various sports, clubs, special interests, trips, swimming, volunteer opps, jobs, and many, many other outlets for youth- but, they don't work if the parents do not support, investigate the options, and dedicate their free time towards guiding their children in to healthier alternatives for thier children.
The juvenile department is always looking for ways to focus the energies of thier spirited children into something more positive, and recently just had a story about a wonderful success.

You can wish, want, and desire until your heart is content, but until the parents of these children step up to the plate to the realization of what their breeding has caused things will continue to get worse. Parents who choose to have children, choose to be involved, and choose, to participate in their children's lives encounter fewer problems than those who breed without thought of a future, and they allow their children to run amok, because they simply do not have the time, nor the dedication to raise them right. When you place your child in the lowest priority of your life, society as a whole will suffer.


Manup, i read your comment in the other post which had to do with hispanic youth - many of the activities do not include being proud or even just knowing who you are and where you come from - minorities, in general, do better when they have a sense of identity, maybe having information in more languages, more cultural events, including the parents and getting the word out to them in the areas they are comfortable in would help - and PLEASE, don't start the whole "American" thing again, it doesn't matter, Hispanics, Russians, Asians - can be American too, but their cultural identity and language preference can still be something other than English - clubs and sports that have no connection with the minority youth only serve to make these kids feel even more like outsiders, i know because i have seen it while volunteering - we don't "get" certian things - like kids asking their parents for permission even when they are older, or why hispanics live at home longer, etc - if we don't do more to REALLY get them involved, the groups, clubs etc, aren't doing their job.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"....-many of the activites do not include being proud or even knowing who you are and where you come from.- minorities, in general, do better when they have a sense of identity,...."

Zen, What is it (in your opinion) that minorities will/can do better with their sense of identity that they might not otherwise do well at?

Michael Tubbs Sr

Excuse me, please. please read my above question as 'that sense of identity', rather than... 'their sense of identity'.


When you don't have a sense of identity, you are constantly looking to fit-in, you feel lost, you have to do things to get attention, it affects your self-esteem, knowing who and what you are, and being proud of that gets rid of the confusion of who am i really? i'm not really a "mexican" i'm not relly an "american", i don't fit in with that group, i don't fit in with that group, i want the anglos to like me, i want the hispanics to like me...but i can never be white enough, or mexican enough ---- when really, you don't have to be "enough" anything, you have to be yourself, whatever that is - and when culture forms part of that, it makes a difference when you know it and you feel it.


I really disagree, your comment makes it sound as if only white children have options in the form of outlets and "know" who they are.
Every teenager I have come across in my many years undergoes identity issues at some point or another, but when you use that as an excuse to stay uninvolved, you become a waste.

Instead of using the term minority as an excuse- learn from it. Don't understand a language, learn it. Don't know how to participate in a certain sport, learn it. Don't see a club that focuses on your particular identity, make one. Parents don't understand, so they don't support your choices- welcome to life!

While fitting in is so crucial for teens, having someone in thier corner is just as important. When the parents of any child let those duties fall, the child becomes a risk. It is not the responsibility of a club to produce flyers and pamphlets in multiple languages- they are not failing because of this. It is the child and thier family that are failing because they choose not to learn English, and therefore miss out on things because of thier choice.

Likewise, I felt I was missing out on potential jobs because I did not speak Spanish- go figure, I was raised in America, not Spain or Mexico. I CHOSE to spend my money, time, and gas to get to and from school to learn Spanish. Instead of insisting this was America and all should speak my language, I realized that there are those who will refuse to learn the language of the country they live in, and if I want to communicate with them, it was up to me to go the extra mile.

Instead of bashing the clubs and outlets that are available to all regardless of race, try getting involved in one, or two, or ten. How about leaving culture at the door, and becoming part of a community? Quit separating based on race and come together as part of something bigger than race?

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