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Two jockey for Ward 1 position in Mac

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Personally I think the community would be better served if they went to council meetings. They are not closed to the public.

I remember something that Ralph Nader said. Growing up he was often taken to the town meetings. He also said that is dad would address problems in the community around the dinner table and think of solutions.

It would be interesting in today's society if we could change the term "I" in "us" and think along those lines in everything we do. I really hope that someday once again America we become that it seems we have lost that fabric of our society and in my opinion it is the reason we are starting to fail.

Troy Prouty*


Here is what I offer. If you vote for me "I would promise to vote only what the majority (that let's me know) would vote. I would not make it an issue about "me". but rather "us". I would make a website that would contain all the issues and allow those within the area to take a poll and vote only once, at the same time I would be meeting with peope within the area discussing issues and taking in their opinion. I would only vote for what the majority wants. Therefore much like all elections or council meetings if you don't show, or voice an opinion "How will I know? I would therefore vote the majority - even if I disagree with it.

There is no left or right my friends that is a cognitive distortion in order to satisfy two groups. There really is only us,. There is this saying "A company that plays together stays together". Thanks Kevin Haefer for teaching me that...

My conclusion

"A community that works together stays together."

thanks Gregg Kaufory for teaching me that!

Today I challenge you. will you be a part of the problem, or part of the solution?

troy prouty*

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