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Two cited for heroism during dog attack

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Cleveland is an incredible guy. A situation lilke that is horrific, then suddenly there is this guy doing battle for you, what a guy. Dogs do what they do, nothing against their breed, they are animals and some of them are not okay to be around people. Ms Wyfells was taking a pleasant walk, when she was set upon. Dog owners need to understand that when a dog owner is not around a dog can misbehave with some frightening results. This poor animal was euthanized for this attack, this animal did not know any better, the owners do. If you want pets be responsible for your pets, train them well.


It was a boxer that but that lady. Not a pitbull. Huge difference




Great job Mr Cleveland! How refreshing to read a story about selfless heroism. We need more people like him in the world.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Yes, yes we do.


i dont care what kinda dog it was putting it down was the right choice, me personally would have shot it right away,


Yamhill County dog control is a frickin joke...bunch of scammers..Im with Bored Father on this one.

skull crusher

I totally agree with Mack on this one! The guy is a hero! Glad he received recognition for his selfless act!


I wish we could "Like" comments

Michael Tubbs Sr

I "Like" the comment that skull crusher made.

skull crusher

Why thank you Michael Tubbs Sr.


Glad you don't care what kind of dog it is bored father. Pretty much just makin it clear it was a boxer because there are a ton of pitbull blasphemers in this town. Also trying to make it clear that the news register always just makes up stuff. Wish you guys could just be more factual and honest with your articles

Michael Tubbs Sr

Interesting. What did the attending Vet describe the dog breed as on its death certificate?


According to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office, it was a pit bull mix. Could it, perhaps, have been a boxer/pit bull mix? We rely on official sources in cases like this. Over time, we have found them to have a high degree of accuracy -- higher than the welter of unofficial sources that always seem to bubble up. We most certainly don't just make stuff up. That's a slanderous statement for which there is no foundation.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor

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