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Two children escape McMinnville apartment fire

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I sure hope that the individual(s), (I won't refer to them as parent(s) because their behavior doesn't warrant the title) are held accountable. If I'm not mistaken, Oregon law states that a minor child has to be aged 10 or over to be left alone. Someone correct me if I am wrong.


That is absolutely the Oregon law. A 5 and 6 year old are way too young to be left home alone.


The sad part of it all is that DHS has been called multiple times about this 'family' over the last 2+ years and nothing has been done. It is pathetic that it took a fire to get these poor children the help they so desperately needed for so long. The parents were not taken into police custody, though I believe some criminal charges should have been filed. Only time will tell what really winds up happening.

In the mean time. The displaced neighbor was lucky enough to have the Red Cross, good neighbors, good friends and family to help her and her child to find a new place to live, new clothing, new everything! It was heartbreaking to see her at the back of the building once the fire was out surveying the damage. She fell to her knees in tears seeing that everything she had worked so hard for- the very roof over her child's head- had gone up in smoke all because of irresponsible parents living downstairs.


Very sad. So glad the children and all were ok. It's hard to lose the things that can't be replaced, but at least no lives were lost. Hopefully charges will be brought against the "parents".


I live just 3 apartments down and it was quit a wake-up call this morning when a fire man knocked on my door a said to come outside in case the fire spreads. With the fire being just 3 doors down I am glad I pay for renters insurance because my apartment could have easily caught fire to today. What were the parents thinking to leave a 5 and 6 year old at home alone if I had kids that age I would never leave them home alone. Also the neighbor up stairs has started to move into one of the other apartment so her and her child not be homeless.


Sad that this happened thank goodness these small children were not taken due to the fire. too often DHS's hands are tied. They can go in an investigate a home, an find everything in order at that time. But know something isn't right as they've had complaints. its a catch 22 for them. I don't understand who in their right mind would leave a child of that age alone. I have kids an i thank goodness that i have been able to stay home with them vs work an be a mom, an a housewife. I got to see them grow up into wonderful adults. Now i get to be Grandma an watch my Grandchildren grow up.


What a bummer! I hope that for whatever happens these families find a place to stay comfortably, and have food!

As for the parents of the two children, I wouldn't call them 'parents' at all. A lame excuse at 25 years old to not take responsibility. I hope for putting their kids in harm, they do get what they deserve.

A separate subject, in relation to DHS, and CPS do work together.
DHS says this about CPS "State law says CPS has to make sure
children are safe."

DynCorp has been given a free pass from criminal charges for human trafficking by the US government. DynCorp runs the CPS in many states on a contractual basis.

Dyncorp found multiple times, right beside the federal government using what is claimed in many reports 95% tax payer funded, running child sex slavery in many countries.

These types of services run by federal government, need to be shut down. and allow more sane people at the local organization level who can keep an eye and control on things run it.

So next time DHS "saves" the day..or children in this case. Think twice..It could happen to them.

skull crusher

WOW! I am glad no lives were lost. 5 and 6 years old is way too young to be left by themselves! What are these "parents", idiots?

Michael Tubbs Sr

"I am glad no lives were lost. 5 and 6 years old is way too young to be left by themselves!"

I agree.


things happen for a reason, maybe this is actually a blessing in disguise, a wierd way of getting these kids help

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