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Two brothers arrested in connection with Ruby Tuesday robbery

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Good job, MPD!

How smart do you have to be to rob your own place of work? Then again, looking at these two fine looking gentlemen I think they answer my question.

skull crusher

WOW! MPD FINALLY did their job! I am impressed!

troy prouty

Actually it's amazing how many former employees do things like this. Not very smart.

Troy Prouty*


Great job MPD. I really appreciate all you guys do to keep our town as safe as possible.
I hope these guys are locked up for a long, long time and then eventually figure out a way to be a part of normal society.


Dumb and Dumber.


Speaking of robbing your own place, I worked for a company that owned a string of bowling alleys. The chief mechanic robbed the place wearing a mask but he is 6' 8" and was wearing his mechanic's shirt with his name on it. Needless to say, he was apprehended. This was before the World's dumbest Criminal show.

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