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Tsunami dock: Should it stay or should it go?

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They blew up a whale instead of leaving it as a memorial to Willy! Blow up the dock!


Let the coast guard tow it from the beach and sink it. Call it a training exercise, render it into fish habitat.


Make a crab dock out of it.


The thing might make an excellent platform for a vacation rental unit, beer bar..or.. some other such entertainment venue?

....y0!....surfs up!...let's all paddle out to 'Bob's Bobbing Beer Bar' for a 'foamy frosty'

Or...perhaps just sinking it in the right spot might actually improve the surfing?


Hmm no radiation?

Buckyballs were found on the coast of California around same time loaded with radiation. Do what you wish radiation is here to stay.


The state of Washington has one hundred thousand dollars allocated for tsunami waste cleanup. Sounds like they're banking on the creativity of their citizenry.

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