Try these common fixes

Some parts of our website, like the obituaries and classifieds, are served by a third party vendor whose content can fail to display properly when viewed with certain user-specified browser settings. If you are unable to see this content, or if you notice formatting or display errors, try the following steps to fix the most common browser problems.

1. Try reducing the text size in your browser. Formatting errors are often caused when the user overrides the specified text size on a website. How to change text size in Internet ExplorerChrome, Firefox, and Safari.

2. Have you installed any sort of adblocking software on your computer? Adblock browser plugins can mistakenly identify some content as advertisements and prevent it from displaying. Please disable any adblock software and try again.

3. If neither fix works, try visiting the website from a different browser. Our recommendation is Google's free Chrome browser. Trying an alternate browser will help determine if the problem is specific to your network or browser settings.



I understand your frustration. I can sympathize, because I also encounter sites where I sometimes have problems making thing work the way they are supposed to.
However, if the problem turns out to be your choice of browser, browser settings or browser extensions, notably ad-blocking extensions, how are we or our vendors supposed to magically "fix" it?
If ad-blocking software could be easily circumvented, it would be utterly ineffective and no one would use it. And there is nothing we can install to change a user's browser settings. It's hard enough just to keep up with dozens of different browsers that are constantly being updated, virtually weekly in some cases.
If the suggested solutions don't work, we'd be happy to dig further. But please give them a look first.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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