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Transplant gives woman health, freedom, ice cream

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I am so happy she received the organ she needed. I am sad, however, that this story was worth writing but the story since last November, of the Sheridan public school special education teacher (with 4 kids of her own, 2 of which have Autism) who lost her life due to liver failure from an antibiotic for a sinus infection was not worthy of an article. She was a local hero, and I think I expected more from our local paper.


Hi, I absolutely loved reading this story. Congrats Renee!! I understand what your are talking about w/ values in life. I grew up and went to school in McMinnville, along with my husband, Tom. We graduated HS in 1992. We live in Everett, WA now. I'm just about done with all of my pre testing trying to get accepted on the heart transplant list. I was born with heart disease. So far all test results have come back great. I absolutely love the APD organization. Sadly, I cannot do that with the organ I need. I'm sure that will be the hardest part for me to deal with after all is said and done. Anyway, I wish you ALL the best and good luck with 'Kevin." I hope it lasts 30+ years.

I will have to ask my family there in Mac to save me a copy for my hope chest of memories.

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