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Transit talks continue into final hours

Jun 27, 2012 | 11 Comments

By Nathalie Hardy
Of the News-Register

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06:19 pm - Wed, June 27 2012
MacMini said:
My understanding is that the County received Federal monies for the transit system which had included the bus shelters. What happened to those monies, and why were the shelters just recently this year being set up all in the supposedly wrong spots. The last couple of winters the transit customers have been standing in the rain and the wind. Did those monies include the transit bus stop signs? Those signs no one has even started setting those up. Accountability and transparency Commissioners, accountability and transparency.
10:46 am - Thu, June 28 2012
baffled&bewildered said:

MacMini - I like the questions you ask and your honesty. If you can, please read the pdf "Yamhill County Human Services Coordinated Transit Plan 2007" You can find it online. The comprehensive study over several years identified the bus shelters as a "human service" priority. The transit service received $100,000.00 off the bat for the bus shelter/transit signs project. The project goal for installation of the shelters was June 2008. The actual installation is four years behind schedule. Adding insult to injury for transit riders is the current placement of the shelters, many of which will be useless and a waste of tax payers' money if the routes are adopted as "proposed" June 14.
It is cold in the rain and wind! Thank you for helping keep this issue in the forefront.
01:54 pm - Thu, June 28 2012
baffled&bewildered said:

How are we to know what schedules and routes riders are to follow on Monday July 2?
08:33 pm - Thu, June 28 2012
MacMini said:
Someone has been sitting on this money while it has acccrued quiet a lot of interest, since it was never used for the intended purpose bus, shelters and transit signs. Tonya Saunders is currently the Director of this transit system, maybe she knows where the money went, Tonya has been working quite "closely" with the Commissioners, didn't this ever come up? Along with the questions regarding the routes changes and when the public will receive notification regarding these changes, there are these questions regarding the Federal transit monies that the public needs some answers to.
10:50 pm - Sun, July 1 2012
macradiofm said:
The new schedules are now on Yamhill County Transit Area website:
"Please Note: NEW Schedules, effective July 2, 2012 >>>"
Route 1 is gone! Last north run from 5th street is now at 5pm!!
If you work downtown and get off at 5pm, you missed the last bus!
No need for Mike to drive the bus that provides lunch time for the drivers!
I will have to make morning doctor appointments to make sure i am back at 5th street by 5!!
10:35 am - Mon, July 2 2012
baffled&bewildered said:
I'm calling DAR today to schedule my appointments to be at work at 8AM, and hope I don't miss the last bus home. We'll see how well this works. Not a lot of faith.
03:25 pm - Thu, July 5 2012
macradiofm said:
I rode route 3 to 5th street, then route 2, down 2nd street. Route 3 going north to Winco is overcrowded now. Most people i heard chatting did not like the last run at 5pm. Some even mentioned moving to Portland to get access to Tri-Met.
04:07 pm - Thu, July 5 2012
baffled&bewildered said:

I would move to Portland if I had the financial resources to do so. How many bus riders have the financial resources to move?
06:58 pm - Thu, July 5 2012
anonymous said:
I rode the buses for the first time since the changes started. I am not pleased Route 3 ( formerly rt 1) was over crowded in the after noon. Has the county commisioners ever rode the bus? I think not. And dial a ride is really sscrewed up, they have forgotten pickups and think some can hang out at the courthouse unattended. mid valley workers are getting to work late and getting pick up after the buses that go out of town leave. Get a clue Tonya Saunders try riding the bus system for a week and see how you like not being able to get to work and appointments.
08:37 am - Fri, July 6 2012
baffled&bewildered said:

I have taken dial a ride two times this week out of necessity for getting to work at 8AM. The service is not sustainable at $1.75 a trip if you factor in drivers wages, fuel (which is thankfully going down), and maintenance. It also feels humiliating to be on a public transport all by myself especially when so many people have the same need I do. They could just as easily add routes except, the county subsidizes dial a ride. Where does the county get money for dial a ride, I wonder? Also, when more people start using dial a ride the availability of appointments will be limited. I ride the last rt 3 home, the bus needs maintenance. It is crowded the air didn't work so it was stuffy and hot
and there are only those little windows to open, the driver had to sit at the courthouse so as not to be ahead of schedule. The drivers do not need that extra time to make a loop. I encourage County officials and Tonya Saunders to ride the bus! First Transit has no intention of adjusting the service in the near future and if they think it needs adjusting it has to be approved by the County. What a mess!
11:11 am - Mon, July 9 2012
baffled&bewildered said:
Copy and pasted from comments re: Letters to the Editor June 30
Not willing to let this be swept under the carpet...
Regarding the transit issue again... and the letter to editor by Liz Marlia-Stein, and the below from Susan Dehm... I cannot imagine that a for profit company such as First Transit has the best interest of the people it serves at heart. They are for profit. That being said, the transit issue clamor has not died down for the people it is effecting. I challenge the Commissioners and the First Transit management have no intention of making services better for people anytime soon. I am so angry at what it has done to seniors, disabled, youth trying to work, low income wage earners, and the bus drivers. I am not going to quiet down. That is the message I am hearing from Susan Dehm and Liz Marlia-Stein.
It is time that we, the people, speak loudly, to be heard over the clamoring dollars of the corporate interests, reminding our representatives that as we take better care of our citizens, our country becomes stronger; as we focus on social justice and ensure that all people are able to have their basic needs met, even corporations will be more successful. This means refocusing where we spend our government money: education, health care, infrastructure, social services, research and development. Here, money is better spent than on trying to maintain a military at a level focused on empire instead of the �common defense,� or on giving tax exemptions and incentives to large corporations already making record profits.
Susan Dehm

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