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Transit details still being worked out

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Was there a pulbic meeting scheduled at the Courthouse this week Wednseday at 1:30? The public should see the draft negotiation prior to final agreement.


Thank you again to Nathalie Hardy for your fair reporting of this issue.

Is there a public hearing scheduled this week for input on the final draft? If so, where, what time, and when?

Ossie Bladine

The meeting this Wednesday is for the Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee, not the YCTA Board. The public hearing held June 14 is the only one scheduled regarding the services changes right now. When YCTA proposes a rate hike -- as it plans this fall -- it will need to hold another public meeting.


A letter from Commissioner Mary Stern

We are trying our hardest to provide the best possible service we can within the shrinking budget. We are working closely with new provider to ensure the cuts impact as few people as possible. The new routes are scheduled to go into effect on August 15, not July 1 as reported. This should give us time to work out some of the bugs with the proposed changes. I know there was a public hearing held last week when I was on vacation. After reviewing the minutes and talking with the County Administrator, I know that Leslie & Kathy heard the concerns of those who submitted testimony and changes will be forthcoming.

If you have any suggestions for us, we would love to hear them! Thanks so much for writing.

Yamhill County Commissioner
503-434-7501 (w)
503-474-7567 (c)


Sorry, but the commissioner is wrong and the newspaper is correct. As we have reported several times, the new routes and schedules are slated to go into effect July 1.
Since that's a Sunday, the implementation will come Monday, July 2.

Thanks to Mary Stern for subsequently recognizing the mistake and acknowledging to us that the effective date for new routes is July 2.

Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


yes, she sent me an email correcting herself. I'm wondering how and when notice is going to get to the riders this week? The only revised schedule I have is the "proposed" distributed at the public hearing.


and one from Kathy George...

Thank you for taking time to express both your concerns and your support of our transit program. It is very nice to know that it is appreciated and used by so many folks in our county. As a commissioner, it is very satisfying to me to know that we are appropriately directing taxpayer dollars into a successful and needed program.

I was out of the office on Friday but saw on my phone�s email that Commissioner Stern had given you a very comprehensive reply. I hope that your questions and concerns were addressed to your satisfaction. As she mentioned, we are all disappointed at the Federal cuts in funding for transit and we are making every effort to preserve and maintain as much service as possible.

In response to your concerns that there hasn�t been adequate advance information for the riders, I will be discussing this with our Transit manager about both notice on the buses and on the web page. Thank you very much for pointing this out so we can do a better job of notifying the community if there are any changes in the future.

I hope you will continue to let us know when you have concerns or suggestions for improving our transit system.

Thank you again,
Kathy George


I'm as baffled and bewildered as you are, believe me. The commissioners often seem to do all the real work behind the scenes, out of the public eye, then unveil it at the last moment.

They are scheduled to ratify a contract with a new provider Thursday, and that contract is scheduled to become effective three days later. However, the county counsel claims a draft cannot be made public.

Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


I agree Steve, the changes have come about rapidly, suddenly, I was unaware of any public meeting and just recently saw the route drafts posted on the buses. I paid out quite a bit for bus passes that will become useless as I won't be able to use the bus system with the way the hours and the routes may be cut back. I've no doubt everything was already in place, the Commissioners appear to be giving us "lip service". I think their conduct is disgraceful, I'm appalled at how underhanded these Public Officials seem to be. I just don't understand.


Commissioner Lewis:
I do not know how you can compare Tri- Met to Yamhill County transit. I lived in Portland for 17 years, graduated in 1977 and rode Tri-Met a lot longer than you. I loved it! Rode on weekends too! You could go anywhere. Your decisions are putting Yamhill County back to the dark ages of transportation by restricting peoples freedom of movement and ability to earn a livelihood. I want some of your unfortunate $73,000.00 a year.


I WISH they would quit screwing with Routs 1, 2 AND 3!
It was bad enough loosing Saturday, and now there won't be Route 1 South?
Someone told me we we're getting 1,2, & 3 back on Saturday for the summer.
I'm supposed to walk more, right to my foot doctors appointment!
You will be getting a call for the dial a ride so i can hopefully get there on time.
Usually i would go an hour early and get off at Roth's.
So i will still do that but just use dial a ride one way, to get there.
After i'm dont, i will just walk to 7/11 and catch a ride on what used to be Route 3 on Fellows. Will a bus still be going down fellows? Nope, i'm not walking down to Booth Bend Road, either. Maybe i will have to reserve a round trip.
What happened to that cash they got from the county to buy a bus and "to keep the cuts from being more severe?" Oh, they same folks that run the busses are county commisioners. I know i will vote in November.


Why can't people just walk? This town is not that big, Are these buses self supporting or are my taxes paying to transport lazy people around town?


Let me see if I have this straight.
If you are poor, elderly or handicapped, or below the legal driving age, and driving is not an option, you should be relegated to travel by foot, wheelchair or what have you. Every time you need to get groceries, even if its raining, snowing or scorching hot, you should walk to the store and return home with a couple of bags of groceries in your arms. And even if the nearest grocery is 20 blocks away, on busy streets, you are just a lazy lout if you can't manage it. And if you need to visit a doctor out on Highway 18, you should just stroll on over, or roll on over in your wheelchair, as they case may be.
Wow. Even in the current often-heartless dog-eat-dog political climate, I must say that I'm amazed.
I hope your "every man for himself" philosophy represents the very fringe of the spectrum. If it ever becomes widely accepted, a cruel world will have become vastly crueler.
Just give thanks that you, apparently, enjoy a full range of driving and walking options. That may not always be the case, you know. One never knows what life has in store.


Savage - Your response to the article hardly qualifies a comment if it weren't for what sbagwell had to say.
I'm pretty sure "Savage" if we dug into your life, we would find a tax payer contribution in one form or another.
I challenge you to "go green" during the months of November, December and January. No car whatsoever. Then report back.


The new schedules are now on Yamhill County Transit Area website:
"Please Note: NEW Schedules, effective July 2, 2012 >>>"
Route 1 is gone! Last north run from 5th street is now at 5pm!!
If you work downtown and get off at 5pm, you missed the last bus!
No need for Mike to drive the bus that provides lunch time for the drivers!
I will have to make morning doctor appointments to make sure i am back at 5th street by 5!!


I saw the new routes, it's apparent that nothing the public had to say in opposition to the route changes had any impact on the Commissioners decisions nor the Transit Director, they did as it suited them, not the drivers' safety concerns, not the passengers needs.


I called dial a ride services at the First Transit 503-474-4900 to schedule my ride for this Thursday and Friday at 7:30AM. Renee Guerrero was very accommodating. The fair is $1.75 one way, however, you cannot use your monthly pass for this service, �at this time�. Gosh, it seems like this service is ridiculously more costly to First Transit and the County then adding routes. I don�t get it. Still have to make sure you catch that last bus!
It was wrong and completely baffling that everything just slid right through without the folks presenting the changes/cuts hearing a word the transit riders said.

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