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Tigard man slain near Sheridan

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troy prouty

Is it just me, or does Sheridan seem like one of the most violent small towns in America?

I don't know any other community that small with these type of problems all the time.

troy prouty*


Isn't this just up the road a half mile from where that boy Smith lived who, with his girl friend, killed an old man, their neighbor, took his money, credit card and car? They were both residents.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Yes it is, Wright. The meth-head shot the old man through the eye, just to watch him die.

The location of this particular murder is also not that far from where Marty George was shot dead, as well.

Paul Daquilante

Just my opinion, but don't think the incidents that are referenced in these comments should shed any negative light on the West Valley � Grand Ronde, Sheridan and Willamina. No community is immune from crime of this nature. There is a murder case currently being prosecuted in Yamhill County Circuit Court. The victim lived in a nice neighborhood off of West Second Street.

Paul Daquilante

Michael Tubbs Sr

I agree.

Just saying...

"These are two people who are not from around here, and neither one really has anything to do with the community"

...well, that doesn't make it any better, I mean we still had a murderer in our community, who cares where he came from, and I bet the family of the victim doesn't care that this happened here versus Tigard/Portland or anywhere else.

Poor man, what a horrible way to die. I hope he is resting in peace now and that low-life gets what's coming to him.

troy prouty

I still am interested in knowing per dos capita - Where Sheridan ranks with Murder in the U.S.

You have a population of about 6000 people and yet it appears that your murder rate is equal to a city the size of 32,000 plus? Recently.

If the News Register could dig up the stats that would be awesome. BUT I also think it would be a HUGE indicator of serious changes needed in that area.

Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr


When a violent crime is committed out here in the West Valley, it is typically committed by one, sometimes two, as in the case of that other old man that was murdered by a hopped-up meth head that had brought his girlfriend along for the ride.

I'm not going to hypothesize as to whether meth had played any role in the violent death of Mr. Adelman...but, I wouldn't doubt it, it may have. No doubt a blood draw has/had been done to verify that either way. What you don't see out here is 'mob violence' such as the kind which occurs in your more urban environs. You know, the five, ten, fifteen, twenty on one stuff.

I'm not talking about 'gang' violence per say, as I'm talking extreme violence committed by an otherwise law-abiding crowd when drawn together in the heat of the moment kills somebody. I'm think'n we're a lot safer out here, than you are there. That's just my humble opine.

troy prouty

There does seem to be a lot of meth there, but what is interesting is a place called Granite Falls Washington - Once considered the meth capital. Bikers coming and going to deliver etc.. and yet rarely do they have a murder and certainly not at the rate of Sheridan. The list goes on and on.. So something is happening out there, yes I'm sure drugs play a huge role in it. And I'm sure the good people out number the bad. The do in most societies, that isn't the issue. Before a problem is fixed, you have to realize it to be a problem, put in perspective (measure it) sort of speak, then find a solution and do it.

Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr

Don't get me wrong, Troy, I'm not saying that everyone that does meth is or transforms into a maniac/killer, it just seems to be a factor in so much that goes wrong in the lives of many. The same can be said of alcohol.

From what I've read as of late in the Sheridan paper, Wolfgang has been very cooperative with the staff of the Yamhill County Sheriff. We'll have to wait and see.


Troy, comparing a biker gang who deals and uses meth to your random criminally minded citizen in small town Sheridan is like comparing apples to oranges.
Even your worst biker gang has a set of rules, codes, that they will not cross for fear of the repercussions. If there is a biker hit, it has to go through the proper channels; acts of violence on innocent citizens is extremely rare- so in essence, your typical bad biker gang has more respect than your average criminal, thug, thief or meth head who is out for a quick crime to gain something of monetary value to feed the need- thus making them the more dangerous criminal.


I agree, and let it also be known...You'll meet the nicest people on a Honda!

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