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Three jailed in gang beating

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The gang activity that has been reported over the last couple of weeks in McMinnville is not just something that has 'made its way here.' It has been here, and in the West Valley, for many, many years.
I moved to McMinnville 15 years ago and work with teenagers every day. Fifteen years ago was not to early too start 'gang intervention.' It is in every school in Yamhill County. We don't hear or read about it every day, but it is there.
Our schools and community need to take a very active role in educating themselves and becoming proactive,with a 'no tolerance policy.'
Don't let it start in your neighborhood. When you see anything that makes you think 'gang activity,' report it. And the 'wannabe's' are just as detrimental. The can actually be more of a threat.
Across from Columbus Elementary, on Cypress Street, you will often see graffiti painted on homeowners' fences. How many times a day do you think a police officer drives by that area? How many other people drive by? By leaving it there, it just encourages more.
As a community, let's all be aware and do our part before this goes further.


@Jst4us this is true, the gang activity has been here a very long time, I worked in one of our Middle schools some 17 years ago and these very young children were already initiating newcomers into their groups, by the same method kicking and beating the child into their way of thinking. These groups corner their targeted individual in bathrooms and other areas that are not as closely supervised by the school staff. Most of these children bend under this horrific peer pressure and join, this is bullying at its worse. To be ever vigilant can be an exhaustive duty for school staff who should not be alone in gang intervention, it has to take all of us in this community including the parents to step up and catch these precious darlings by the scruff of their necks and put our community foot down.


"The can actually be more of a threat." In regards to the wannabes- You are right, I recently took a security threats class focused on gangs, and while we might try to laugh off the little boys wearing their daddies pants and ridiculously huge shirts all sagged down to their ankles, the facts are, the wannabes have something to prove, to any one who will listen, thus making them a much larger threat, potentially.

Leaving it does encourage more (graffiti) and any homeowner should report it immediately as well as cover it up.
Gangs do not pay taxes, the bangers out there do not support healthy economic growth, nor do they contribute anything positive to a community. Yet, who buys the clothes? Who sees their child everyday in the stupid gang outfits that they choose to wear? Who is ultimately responsible for the whereabouts of their children?
Until the parents of the community put their foot down and refuse to allow such behavior we will continue to see a problem.
Glad they were arrested, but more info on the actual reason of the beating would be helpful and shed some light as to whether this was initiation, or bullying.


Surenos and Nortenos of McMinnville, yeah, that's something to hurt someone over, go to jail, begin life as a thug, and get your name in the system. Certainly a valid reason to endanger the one thing you were born with, freedom.
I think they should get to visit an ad-seg unit at a local prison and get some sit down time with the lifers who debriefed. Let them tell you how supportive your loving gang members are after you are put away for committing crimes in the name of a gang.

What a waste of life- the parents of these gang members should have some accountability to own up to as well.


I want to know where are the parents? These parents should be held accontable. I leave for work at 2:30 am and see way too many youth roaming the streets even on school nights. Parents should be enforcing cerfew with these kids. Parents should be involved with their kids, knowing what they are up to, who they are hanging out with. We need more activities and incentives for youth to do positive things. We also need punishment for youth who dont follow the rules. Not jail time but community service. Caught vandalizing? Why not clean up around the highschool with a shirt that makes it known to their peers they messed up. We need to be teaching our kids community pride. Better believe that my kids will have the values i have such as if you see a piece of trash on the sidewalk pick it up. If you see an elderly women struggling lifting something into her car offer assistance. Lets keep mcminnville old school starting with our kids.


Where are the parents? Well...I'd venture a guess that some are already, "in the system" themselves, not from this country and possibly don't speak the language or understand the law...therefore naively trust or believe that their kids are staying out of trouble, or possibly parents who just don't understand what their kids have become involved in. The interesting thing about this is...a good percentage of these kids who actually enter the system don't claim a gang affiliation to law enforcement when asked. Which makes you wonder how really proud they are of their gang family in the first place. The gangs in yamhill county really are a bigger problem than the public wants to believe or perhaps even know about. What's is even more disturbing is the amount of kids we have here who are invovled in this crap at such a young age. I have lived in Yamhill county for 30 years and I don't even recall this amount of gang activity when I was in school. Only a week ago while sitting at an intersection I watched a white car with males who appeared to be MAYBE in their early 20's sitting at a light...the front passenger had a red bandana over his trend? Maybe..but I also know that red bandana's and the color combo of red and black is a trade mark of our resident Norteno's. time you are traveling through the county take note of the graffiti on road signs, peoples property fences, and what colors are being represented at parks and schools. There needs to be a harder stance taken against gang affiliated youth, strong intervention techniques that MAY influence these youth to take diffrent paths and a vigilant community and local law enforcement policing to deter future gang related activity. If we allow these youth to run amok we are only inviting their presence rather than detering it. Just my two cents....


If they have felonies, why not post their pictures so any parents in the area can identify them and see if the thugs have been around their children, and then enabling them to make a more informed decision about who their children are hanging around?

Being able to ID these kids would be helpful to families, and to the rest of the community, and maybe it could serve up a little humility to their families who may opt to become more involved and get these kids on a more proper path, because more than likely, they have parents who are very uninvolved and who assume the children will raise themselves.

I think both parents and children should be working side by side doing some serious community service, maybe reestablishing the lines of communication and reinforcing that this behavior will not be tolerated, by either.


We have access to the booking photos taking at the Yamhill County Jail. In fact, they are posted online for all to see.
However, the defendants here were lodged in the juvenile facility, which does not post or supply mugshots. So we don't have them.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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