By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Thieves dump child's ashes, steal photos

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Just Lookin

It appears that these two individuals have no respect for other people or their possessions. They apparently have been given mulitple chances to straighten up through probation. Probation they have willingly and knowingly violated. Individuals like this do not really deserve to be allowed out on the streets. They actually need to be kept behind bars for a number of years. They have used up more than their three strikes. They need to be taken out of the game. What they have done in the past is despicable. What they will continue to do if allowed out of jail is the same they have done. Their continued disrespect for laws and others shows their attitude on life.
Put them away for a long time, with no chance of parole or probation, as they have shown they will not follow the rules.

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