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There's no raining on this parade

“Even the rain didn’t hold it back,” Henry said. In fact, at the Alien Costume Parade parade, many viewers and participants simply donned umbrellas as they watched.

“I think I got shot by the same alien twelve times in one day,” Henry said with a chuckle. “He was always amazed I was still alive.”

And she said both the speakers and live music were well received.

Cassie Sollars, McMinnville Downtown Association manager, felt the same. “Everyone we talked to thought it went real well,” she said.

“Our gauge is the sales in our booth,” she said. “We don’t have a final number, but people that work on the booth say we had about three times the people.”

Sollars said crowds in the US Bank Plaza were “wonderful,” which she attributed to a schedule of high-caliber entertainment.

USA Today picked up a story and photos written by Michael Davis of the Statesman Journal in Salem. Both are owned by the media company Gannett.

Zack Geary, a member of the MDA’s board of directors, was in charge of the new 8/10 of a mile fun run. Held immediately before the parade, it drew 30 participants of all ages.

“It was the most watched, least attended fun run in the history of fun runs,” said Geary, referring to the fact that parade viewers were lined up when the relatively modest cadre of runners took the course.

Geary did double-duty later that afternoon when he served as the Galactic Supreme Court Justice for the Alien Pet Costume Contest at Buchanan-Cellers/Valley Feed. As the event sponsor, it had T-shirts made up for the event, reading, “Take me to your feeder.”

In an interesting twist, a film crew from Germany’s Shinyside Media showed up to shoot some of the action for a television show.

The German actress, Christina Neder, stayed with Adria Lagasse, thanks to a contact made through her son, Sam Humphrey.

Humphrey, who lives in his own apartment, had signed up to host traveling couch surfers. But he thought Neder might be more comfortable at his mom’s place.

Lagasse said members of the crew started filming as soon as they arrived. They focused on them getting their dog decorated and entered in the canine costume contest.

“It was one of the best weekends,” said Lagasse. In addition to serving as an actress for the television show, Neder maintains a blog at

Geary said the filming was “strange, but fun.” He said some of the scenes from the pet parading had to be repeated for the crew.

Margaret Legard, co-owner of Buchanan-Cellers, was contacted by the film crew because she was hosting the pet contest. She said the crew was in Oregon for a week to immerse itself in the American experience. They were creating a documentary to serve as a travel diary for young people.

“They were just a very nice group,” Legard said. She said there was a possibility the crew would send the film so it could be played during this summer’s “Flix on the Tin” series.

As always, the parade was one of the event’s highlights, drawing a variety of styles of alien costumes and out of this world transportation.

Stephen Priebe from the group Planetary Mishaps was named Alien King. The Alien Queen was drawn from the Starflower Hoop Troupe, Aqua Intergalactic.

The Cosmic Crew was named best group. A boy from the Dr. Who Group, from Spirit Mountain Farms, claimed best child honors.

The best float award went to “We got ‘em by the Gills,” conceptualized and created by the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council.

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