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Maybe there could be a turkey costume contest next year. I'd go see that.

Don Dix

If some think this years' edition of Turkey Rama was 'exactly what it used to be', they don't know 'used to be'.

Besides no turkey halves and lip sinc contest (which 'used to be' quite entertaining), let's not forget this event 'used to' start on Thursday. The booths downtown 'used to be' mostly small local merchants mingled with the typical carnival games and sales.

But no one mentions the former culmination to TR every year -- the Annual Fireman's Dance. Not only a great way to spend Sat. eve of TR, but also a nice boost to the department's ability to purchase needed extra equipment. Two way loss there.

I don't know where those commenting on TR this year were in 1961, or even 1995, but they certainly weren't here.


I'm so old that I remember the Fireman's dance at the armory (before it became the community center)....quite a party back then....

Mac Native 66

Hey, don't forget the turkey trot. It's better to have the booths set up in the park strip and NOT down the middle. The fire chief should of said no to blocking the middle of the street. No turkey half is like setting up the rides out at Lowes. A dumb thing to do.
And for the Fireman's Dance, that truly needs to be brought back. If not for the McMinnville department, maybe to help out some of our smaller departments in the county.

Don Dix

tagup -- when the dance was at the armory, it was called the Blossom Dance, and held in May.


Don--I stand corrected...good call....


I thought the Fireman's Dance was held at the original Elks Campground on Baker Creek Road, past where the Mormon church is now.

Don Dix

Lulu -- The Mormon Church is just west of the old Elks Park. The fire dept. also hosted the Blossom Dance. It became the Fireman's Dance back in the late 70s or early 80s and moved to Baker Cr. Rd. the Sat. of TR. 3000 - 5000 party animals -- doesn't get much better!


Sure miss that dance and being able to visit will ol friends and make new friends. We stopped attending the TR several years ago. We loved attending then it just didn't seem the same. We kept hoping the next year would be better but after several years and seeing the change for the worst not better we stopped attending altogether. This year was our 2nd year we did not attempt to go. Very sad.

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