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That old house on Baker Street

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Dan Linscheid

Charles Handley served as county assessor for two terms beginning in 1852, and then as the county surveyor from 1860 to 1864, and a second term from 1870 to 1874. Ahio Watt gave him a break as surveyor between those terms. The courthouse was in Lafayette in those days, and elections were 'viva voce' or 'with living voice', with no paper ballots. Earlier, Mr. Handley had served as first mate captain of several ships near Tasmania and Australia. I have a photo of Charles, gathered with friends and relatives, in front of the house when it was fairly new in 1893, two years before he passed on. He is sporting a full white beard and got around on crutches. The historical society has more information on Mr. Handley. He was a member of the McMinnville Methodist church. He also served a two year term as director of the School District 40 board in 1874. Interesting fellow.

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