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Tangled web they weave when practice to deceive

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Very good editorial. Thank you.


Fortunately, the ploy failed. Betsy Johnson refused to go along, and that left the perpetrators a vote short.

Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor

Don Dix

The 'peoples business', as always, isn't about doing the right thing (or even the sane thing) -- it's about getting re-elected to further a political agenda -- from the feds all the way to the school boards. And taxpayer dollars are wasted at an alarming rate to do just that. Think BETC, DMV, Cover Oregon, ODOT, etc. Wasting money from the 'public trough' has become a routine practice. It seems every year Oregon has some costly mistake, proffered and touted by the politicians as a great deal, only to see them step away from any association when the cave-in occurs, usually blaming others. Great gig, if one has no conscience or accountability!

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