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Tailgaters excluded from holiday cheers

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I dare you to try and keep that "30 feet for each 10 mph of speed. That’s 176 feet at 60 mph, or a two-second gap at any speed. 2 second rule or "176 feet at 60 mph".

You don't need to go to Portland either! Next time you are on S or N99, Baker or Adams right in Mac, try keeping a 2 second gap and you will never leave the curb. For every 20 feet of distance between you and the car ahead of you, someone with a 25 foot long vehicle will try to cut you off and / or squeeze in between!

What has gotten to be my 3 favorite "pox on you" are the slow and really slow that suddenly find that their vehicles have an extra 20 to 30 mph left in them when they come to the four lanes or passing lanes. Kind of fits hand in hand with people who can't grasp the concept of Failure to Yield Right of Way when Merging. Down at the south end of town those signs advising that the right lane ends, merge left................mean:

Go like heck and pass anyone already in the left lane where you should be, and never mind the fog line, its only there to let you know you still have a couple of feet of asphalt left. You can slow back down to 35 once you forced other people off the road so you could get ahead.

Then there was that blond haired gal in the maroon Toyota that was looking down at her cell phone (texting?), steering with her knees, who was very adept at using both lanes much better than any drunk driver. As she passes me on the right and as I am leaving the pavement onto the gravel shoulder to get away from her, I honk my horn only to receive a single finger salute in return.

Jeb, better just to relax, listen to the radio, drive defensively and keep your will up to date. If we don't we will die unhappy and way to young.

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