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SWAT unit talks felon out of rural Newberg residence

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A Rug crime? Egads!

Is the penalty higher if it's a high-quality Berber, or does the judge let you off scot-free if it's some of that ugly orange shag from the 70's.

I've seen enough careless typos from the Register over the past year, I'm starting to think that the 'proofreading' is done by an intern from the School of the Blind in Salem.


Much like mattresses and pillows, he was warned not to remove the tags from the rugs! Everyone thinks that a joke but look what happened!!!


Have you ever seen to the school of the blinds, haunted house? It is fantastic!


I still have all my tags, that stuff is serious.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Manup, God only knows what materials some manufacturers used to use as components to produce their mattress's & pillows back in the day.

The term----> "Made of all natural Materials' can take on a whole new meaning and still be truthful the more one thinks about it..or..worse yet, has they're ephiphany after having slept on it.

Just a thought....

Michael Tubbs Sr

When I was a senior in high school, a lot of guys used to brag about the leather 'Tuck & Roll' upolstery job they'd had done in their cars (on the cheap) down in Tijuana, but after a fews weeks had gone by, some of those guys hadn't felt so compelled brag as much anymore.

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