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SWAT team called to Newberg residence; man arrested

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It's so funny. I thought you guys were gonna start charging to read your "news". Did you realize that nobody under 60 would pay a dime?


1) As we've said all along, we are moving in that direction. However, we expect it to take several months to work out all of the details and logistics and complete all of the programming, as it's a rather complex undertaking.
Some elements will be free and some paid, and some additional elements will be free in limited quantities initially as an incentive. It takes time to work all that out.
The bottom line is this: No, plans have not changed. They remain on track.
2) The object isn't to sell online subscriptions to anyone of any age.
That would be a losing proposition, because subscription fees don't even begin to cover our newsgathering costs. Covering those requires substantial advertising revenue, and so far at least, that kind of revenue is simply not in the cards online.
The object is to stop inviting our best customers to quit paying us for the print version because they can get the electronic version free online. Putting them on an equal or roughly equal footing eliminates that incentive. That way, we can get paid for our product, just like every other business in the marketplace.
It doesn't make sense to make a substantial investment in a product available to anyone and everyone at no charge. That's not a viable business plan; it's a recipe for certain bankruptcy eventually.
There is no other source available to you or anyone else, of any age, for a reliable and comprehensive selection of LOCAL news, meaning news of McMinnville and environs. That may have no value to you, but it most certainly has value to many thousands of others.
We will be offering a package deal. If you buy a print subscription, you get an online subscription at little or no additional charge. That's essentially what thousands of Yamhill County residents are buying today. They will experience little or no change from our decision to cut off some online-only readers who are contributing nothing to our bottom lime.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor

Michael Tubbs Sr

Yeah, Nate, and there's a whole generation of birds that have come to expect 'free content' for the taking at my feeders...LOL....

Michael Tubbs Sr

....though, over time, I have had to make some adjustments so as to keep the practice sustainable, do of course to budgetary constraint. I could go into great detail, employing pie-charts and graphs that show the fluctuations in cost vs return of my investment in this practice over the years, but, they'd probably bore you, as I'm sure they would the rest of the crowd that's still wondering what the people behind 'I' are up to these days.

Do you remember them and their business model?

skull crusher


Michael Tubbs Sr

"But when you look more closely, not really!" --Jeb Bladine

skull crusher, for more on this see---> 'Keeping you connected' (the print version) News-Register for more comprehensive details.


We don't subscribe to the print version of the News Register, because I can get the news here online. We will gladly pay for an online subscription.

Why should an online subscription be free? It costs money to run a business.
This is a prudent and understandable business move.

Thank You - to the Bladines' and the NR staff

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