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Suspect arrested in gang-related stabbing

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One of us blacks stabs someone and we go to prison right away, but one of these whites do it and they get pampered then released. When will there be justice, the only way to fix this problem is obviously a 5 year prison sentenc.

Source: very very discriminating


This kid goes around stabbing other kids like a Chucky doll. Except we forgot one thing, this isn't a movie, this is real. And if your stabbing someone, that's ATTEMPTED MURDER not assault, if you stab someone your intentionally trying to kill them. Does Chucky stab someone and hope they survive? NO, when chucky stabs Someone HE KILLS them, so let's take it back to reality. How are you going to try and kill a minor and get away with it? I don't see no attempted murder charge, so where's the justice, oh and he's from Newberg? So he drove here to try and kill one of our minors? Based on his long hair he's a want to be northerner, his victim was obviously also a want to be, most likely a stupid southerner. Get that want to be gang BS out of here, you want to gang bang? Then take your happy ass to Los Angeles, go gang bang down there I dare you, you won't last 3 days there I GAURANTEE YOU will be found with your brains blown out, . as for our judges, go download Lumosity.


Headline reads "Gang Related Stabbing"? Really. The Oxford Dictionary describes it as VERB (stabs, stabbing, stabbed
1(Of a person) thrust a knife or other pointed weapon into (someone) so as to wound or kill: Then we read the meat of the story to find the truth. It was an assault with a knife. Why is it necessary for the NR to lower it's self to tabloid tactics? Was it to incite anger or rage. Report the truth without sensationalizing so we can form our own opinions. I am saddened that I have to post this, I have held the NR in much higher regard till now.

Randy David

you truly think that is a white guy in that picture than your level of eyesight is about as accurate as your eyesight!!!!

by the way, the other clue would have been the NAME......

sure as daylight hope you don't have a weapon, or you might point it at yourself with them eyes......

Can you explain which White Anglo Ancestry the Name of "Favian Cruz Velasquez.......???????"

Sorry, from a white guy

McMinnville, not Newberg, no Gang affiliation, but I do associate with the Patriot Guard, and other Associations honoring our Fallen Soldiers....... just a mention, since you seem to have enough hate for the white people, maybe you can associate yourself with some of my Fallen Friends to raise your level of intelligence!!!!!


Does it bother anyone that he's not only a thug but a sex offender? How long before he's out roaming the streets again? Do judges handing down these lightweight sentences not live in the real world?

Jeb Bladine

Interesting set of comments.

I don't mind revealing that Cybercop is a one-day online subscriber who listed an hispanic name, but as we know with online comments, he or she could be from anywhere and of any ethnicity.

MacExPat seems justified to question the use of "stabbing." It may have been an attempted stabbing, but based on information reported, it might have more accurately been called a "gang-related slashing." Not sure that would have been read differently by people, or that the headline used rises to the level of tabloid tactics.

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