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Survey supports downtown smoking limits

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how about we ban people that don't bathe daily,or people with poop breath,or farting in a public place or people that wear nasty smelling cologne,I find all of these offensive,or how about just ban the public from public places,trying to control everything is getting out of hand,don't you people have lives?jeez what's next.

Just Say'n

I'm a smoker; unfortunately. I've tried quitting, more times than I can count. It's an absolutely horrid addiction. Non-smokers (people with a brain) have the right to enjoy a smoke free environment. The odor of putrid cigarette smoke is ghastly! I don't blame people one little bit for not wanting to have to smell that horrid cigarette smoke drifting by their table while trying to enjoy outside dining at one of the quaint sidewalk cafes on third street. I also don't blame the state of Oregon for wanting to ban smoking on Oregon beaches. Guess where the butts go when they've finished sucking on the death sticks? A beautiful sandy beach littered with cigarette butts is not very attractive.

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