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Students to perform 'Crucible'

The show will play at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students.

“The Crucible” is set in Salem, Mass., in the late 17th century, when young girls accused a neighbor of practicing witchcraft. The ensuing hysteria led to the death of numerous other residents.

The playwright uses the Salem witch trials as a metaphor for other “witch hunts” in our history, such as the McCarthy hearings that tried to root out Communist sympathizers.

Teacher Bethany Mason is directing the drama.

Cast members are:

Levi Polesek as the Rev. Parris, Adrian Martin as Betty Parris, Leslie Alveo as Tituba, Lydia Thompson as Abigail Williams, Sofia Bisbocci as Susanna Walcott, Amanda Sheller as Ann Putnam, Michael Martinoff as Thomas Putnam, Kailey Powell as Mercy Lewis, Hanna Roth as Mary Warren, Jeremah Brophy as John Proctor and Cassie Anguiano as Rebecca Nurse.

Other members are Aaron Clifton as Giles Corey, Lauren Ulvang as Martha Corey, Anton Ramick as the Rev. John Hale, Allison Lake as Elizabeth Proctor, Mark Brewer as Francis Nurse, Jesus Camacho as Ezekial Cheever, Skyler McClaflin as Willard, Eric Armstrong as Judge Hathorne, Be Schieber as Deputy Gov. Danforth, Hannah Ingebo as Sarah Good, Bob Sagers as Hopkins.

Village girls are played by Anab Ali, Elise Martin, Serengeti Savage and Moira Hamsen. Proctor’s sons are Ivan Vargas and Simon Rolleri.

For more information, call the high school at 503-565-4200.

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