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Students pray for school and country

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I think that is fine, pray is good, I'm a Christian too, but, America is made up of many different people who have different views, some are Jewish (a member of the tribe of Judah), Muslims (one who submits to God), Buddhist (who takes as their goal an escape from suffering), Atheists (one who believes there is no deity) and so forth. I'm just giving a general discriptions, what I want to say is that also incourage young Christains to do volunteer work that will assist all of the different individuals, break a little sweat, do some physical labor for your neighbors. Include that, because whatever you do is all good.


This is a great article, and very well written. I am glad to see this encouraging, faith-building report! I appreciate that this reporter is not afraid to cover local stories of faith and hope, like this one. Thank you, Starla!


It is very encouraging to see our youth doing something wholesome and positive. We are blessed to have these young men and women in our community. And I sincerely mean that.
No doubt they are sincere, but I have just one small quibble with their approach. Actually Jesus has a quibble with their approach (see Matthew 6:5 in the Holy Bible)
Maybe it would be better to pray in secret and band together to "let your light so shine" by doing a service project of some sort for the school or community.


So many kids are embarassed of their faith, what a great event for them to see that it is ok to say "I beleive in God".

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