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Street kids confronting authority on Third Street

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15, 20 and 24 year old hanging out.... They still call them KIDS, ooops, Street Kids.


the 20 & 24 year COULD get a job......


would like to see where these "kids" are in 10 years. one of em is pregnant with 2 other kids in tow smoking like a chimney. excellent roll models they will be.

I Am Darren Wilson

How in the world do you refer to 20 and 24 year olds as "kids"? LOL! They don't need a place to "chill". They need JOBS!

Julio Most

These kids need to feel part of our community, if we don't offer them alternatives to feel included rather than excluded they will continue to be a nuisance. Exclusion zones are unconstitutional, and we are better off eliciting everyone's input rather then to continue to just police downtown. I am sure there are creative and collaborative solutions to this.


Well said Julio. Its really is hard to get a job when you have no place to live and hard to get a place to live with no job. Maybe we could, as a community, come up with better solution rather than just make assumptions about why these "street kids" or street people are in the situation they are in. Remember... be kind for everyone is battling something.


We certainly do need to be kind and compassionate, but we shouldn't have to tolerate unseemly behavior. We can all search for ways to help these kids, but they need to be considerate of others, regardless of their situation.


I took my 9 year old grandson down for ice cream Monday afternoon. On our way back to the car we encountered several of the "kids" and one young man, maybe 12 years old had quite the dirty mouth. My grandson pulled on my hand and said to me, Grampa, those kids really think they're neat. I frequent the down town at least 3 times and week and really don't appreciate the people that hang out to chill on a regular basis.


20&24 are not kids they are adults,15 year olds need to be home not hanging out uptown,if you are homeless maybe your unseemly behavior had something to do with that,clean yourself up,get a job,exclusion zones are not unconstitutional,my drive way is an exclusion zone,if you hang out there you'll get your ass kicked by me,I do not understand how parents have let their children become useless castoffs and parasites of society,there is no reason for anyone to need a chill area,that is what your home is,you have home and school,if you are too old for that then you are an adult and should be working,any job is a good job,clean your act up,get a job,any job and work your way up from there,you are entitled to nothing!


Maybe the 20 and 24 year old should join the military. That will give them a job, a place to live and somewhere to chill. Problem solved for those two.


It is bothersome that there are some on bicycles who think it is funny to run a red light to play chicken with a car. It happens ALL THE TIME at 3rd and Ford. You will get hit one of these times, it will be your fault.

I hope they make 3rd St a non-smoking area and non-begging for money area.


Society is not responsible to foot the bill for anyone's summer entertainment. What kind of memories are these people going to have aside from "I sat on my butt on Third Street and shot the breeze for five years." Don't they get tired of aimlessness? Shaking old people down for money?
Turn your hat around, pull up your pants and quit obsessing about your bottomless capacity for disappointment.


most likely (I know ONE of these kids for sure!) have felonies, and can't join the military. So that option is out. Back to getting a job! If our community were to get a YMCA, or a place for the kids to 'hang out', it would be for the younger generation, NOT these ADULTS.

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