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Stranger sets fire to door

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troy prouty

Best and the Brightest.

Reminds me of the guy in Portland after stealing a car and crashing why running from police, Held hostages in a home for a brief period and demanded a popsicle and beer.

Troy Prouty*

skull crusher

I am thinking there is more to this story! Like why would a stranger show up demanding money? I think this issue needs to be looked into further!


I guarentee there is some more to the story. Anyone not suspicous as to why Jered selected apt 23 and came back several times is a moron, this is not random. I would put the inhabitants of #23 under surveilience. Then they let him in their Apt. and he tried to take a TV.? Umm hello, they obviously know him as they let him in.

Something like this happened a while ago where someone kicked in a door and "attacked" the inhabitants....I bet its the same people.


There are many attacks that are completely random, I don't know if this one is, but regardless of a possible relationship between the VICTIM and this wacko you suggest that the VICTIM be surveilled? Really?
People complain of government intrusion, abuse of police power, and police overstepping their bounds yet you insist on harassing the VICTIMS because of an article in the NR that may or may not have all the information regarding this case?
It doesn't matter if they have something to hide or not, it does not matter if they are criminals, and it does not matter if they have an entire criminal organization behind their door- the fact is this guy attempted to kill them by setting their apartment on fire and possibly killing others as well if the fire had spread. THAT is all that matters. He should be held for attempted murder as far as I am concerned, it would be satisfying if they could give him a charge for EACH resident that was in their apartment that day.

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