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Stern Doll removed from ballot

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It sort of bothers me Brian they claim to be a friend to Rebekka, and yet file this complaint. It would seem more "Friend" like if you would have said to Rebekka (If you file this) or are you going to file this before moving forward with a complaint.

This doesn't mean that Rebekka didn't do anything wrong, but friends help friends (even stay out of trouble) and they are there for them, not for ourselves. I'm not sure I like this.

troy prouty*


It is ironic that Lafayette City Councilor Matt Smith would make the statement: “It’s frustrating that she’s getting paid to do a job she’s not doing." when signature sheets for two candidates in Lafayette were turned in by the city elections clerk when they contained signatures in violation of the charter, and Matt did nothing about that. If the city elections clerk had done her job, two candidates wouldn't even be on the ballot.


No surprise here. The Clerk has been hounded to death for over two years and now she has health problems. Those who could have helped her stomped on her instead. Yes, she didn't file her report and perhaps there's no excuse for that but you can bet that there are some who are now dancing in the street since they got their way. BTW, since we're speaking of compliance, has anyone taken the time to check whether the Conservative Friends of Yamhill County is a registered PAC?

Doc Holiday

I just hope that she gets the same fines as everyone else and not any special favors. When I ran for office and failed to click a "FILE " button twice to release all info to the public-it was a sin! I found the problem and asked for the help to repair it within 6 days. But fines are charged on the amount of the transaction ( expense or income) and accur for "EVERY " day you are late! For a small amount like mine of about $300. ; it cost me $80.09 . A friend of mine had the same thing with one item and cost him about $90. We were both lucky and found it fast. When i asked this lady for a packet of requirements for office she said there were none. Her empoyee gave them to me when I showed up in person.


Interesting comment from Commissioner Lewis....Her concern about "turmoil and heartache" in the county seems a bit hypocritical given her history in office.


And yet another reason that Stern Doll is not qualified to hold the position of cournty clerk. After being through the election process herself in 2008 and being in the position for 3 1/2 years she should be more versed in the procedures, policies and State laws. Van Bergen only did what any candidate would or should do - he had to comply with the law and pay the fees plus do an accounting of income and expenditures why should she be exempt from being held accountable for her actions? Ignorance is not bliss and she do protesteth too much!

Doc Holiday

Orestar is the State of Oregon Website to which "ALL" canidates "MUST" post all income and expenses in a somewhat hard to understand fashionthat only the State truely understands. But it is the law if you wish to run and be placed on the ballot unless you do not exceed a minimum. If you do that then you must file for the exception. But everything has dates, amounts, and how to's placed on you to comply with! All of the above is so that anyone can look up and view anyones expenses and income that run inthe State of Oregon. If you are interested, go to the Orestar website and go to the right side near the bottom to Public search. Now the only problem is you need to know what the persons campaign is called from a flyer or sign, George Smith for Yamhill County Clerk or the like maybe? But the rules are there and she can refrain only if she fit the minimum and filed for the exception on time! But the Clerks office is the office in charge of all elections in the County and should know as well as comply!

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