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Stern Doll announces write-in campaign

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Could we at least also mention that Mr. Van Bergen is a "printing company executive and former chariman of the Yamhill County Republican Central Committee"? It's clearly remarked on his resume.

My favorite posts are this one, from 2006, endorsing the "Day of Truth":

and this one from 2007, with an amusing and uncredited list of "how to be liberal", including #10: "You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it."


This is clearly a non-political position - so the Democrate-Republican issue should not weigh in on the campaign and/or the position of County Clerk. Are you just interested in stirring up the pot w/non-important issues that in no way should be compared to the duties of the postion? The election boils down to who is more qualified and who can perform the duties of the position in the best interests and most timely manner for the County.

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