By Steve Bagwell • Managing Editor • 

Steelworkers gird for strike Monday

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Kathleen Blair

Here's what the News Register isn't reporting

"Schnitzer CEO Tamara Lundgren � a former JP Morgan Chase investment banker � was paid over $7 million in compensation in the company�s most recent fiscal year. In their recently expired contract, union steel workers were paid $18.79 to $29.71 an hour for work in searing heat and deafening noise....Schnitzer Steel is demanding contract take-backs, including proposals to: obligate workers to work 16-hour shifts; to curtail workers� right to have union representation during discipline' and to .double the amount workers pay for health insurance. The company says its bargainers are available only two days a week, four hours at a time. Management walked out of one bargaining session, refused to answer calls, and even drew the shades on the office window. A guard is posted outside the company president�s office, and escorts him to his car when he leaves the building.

At one point, union bargainers even overheard the company HR director on the phone asking someone, �Do you want us to keep screwing around with them?� "

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