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State ed board bans Native American mascots

Schools need to change within five years or risk losing state funding

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I work with many tribal members and they think it is very silly that anyone would even make any noise about this issue.


This is nonsense! Politics at it's finest, folks. How is it we are allowing 6 people make this decision for the entire state?


Well, Next time a ballot measure comes up to allow casinos off tribal land. I'm voting YES!!!!!!.
I cannot believe young people have to walk away from all the pride and tradition they hold so dear for their high schools. I hope the State Board of Education hangs their heads in shame.


I went to Amity and I was and am proud to be a Warrior. So where is the money going to come from if they have to change the name??? I sure hope the school doesn't have too. I think the Board needs to find better things to do aka work on bullying in schools!!!!


Good. The only dumb thing about this matter is that any schools decided to have mascots that were a mockery of an entire group of people and their heritage. It's about time it ended.


One only has to look back at the use of 'Caricatures' to understand how mocking they really are..or..can be.


It would have been nice if this article had included images/depictions of the mascots in question.

Obviously, if the schools have been given five years to phase them out, then they can't be that ugly..or..cruel. Our military names more than a few of it's weapons systems after native Americans, ever wonder why?


You said it, Jim. Now if we can only ban all the other mascots that make a "mockery" of groups of people. Can you imagine how these poor people feel being used as tools for groups of children to feel camaradierie and a sense of belonging? I can't wait for the Board of Education to be consistent and demand that the Cavaliers,Hilanders,Loggers,Fishermen,Pilots,Lancers,Vikings,Knights,Democrats(gasp),Crusaders,Trojans,Raiders,Mountaineers,Senators,Sailors,Spartans,Pirates,Scots,Pioneers,Irish,Mavericks,Roughriders,Samurai,Bowmen,Outlaws,Rebels,Axemen,Olympians,Saxons,Millers and Buckaroos are all offensive to a group of people and be removed from the school.

No wonder our public schools are failing. Political correctness is more important than learning.




I am native american (registered). I think schools having a native american mascot is great. I could see if someone was using it to put down the native american people, but your school mascot is something you have pride in. The schools are using native american references to promote pride and school spirit. Its something they are proud of. Dont take this from our kids, instead use your power and resources to change something that needs changed. Such as healthy lunches or good grade incentives.


Complain and complain...beg and whine about how we don't have enough money for schools. BUT..then ask them to find money to change a mascot?? Well I guess we know where the priorities lay.


Well, my children will eventually go to Sheridan high, if public schooling even excists by then, and I now think I will find it offensive for them to be a Trojan. Why name a school mascot after a condom? Oh wait, they weren't named after a condom?

Herein lies the issue. Naming a school mascot after a person, real or imagined is a mark of honor and symbolism, the same goes if the school was named after an animal such as a cougar or bobcat.

When there are those out there that can not understand that there is a line between symbolism and real life, we have an issue. This issue, unfortunately, happens because those who were complaining can not understand that they were not who the school mascot was named after. It was not named Amity Warrior- "Bob Smith", it was Amity Warriors, the mascot a symbol, not an actual character.

They should have had a disclaimer like the movies do, and maybe then this moronic waste of tax dollars would have never have occured. Shame on those that had the power to stand up and fight this, yet chose not to because they wanted to be politically correct. So sad that the ones who initilized this complaint are so emotionally unstable and unable to look beyond their own self serving needs that they actually believed that Amity's mascot was an actual dipiction of them! What ego's you have to assume that you are as brave as a warrior while you hide behind a broken system and those that fear what is right and just.

No ill intent is ever in sight when a school proudly announces their mascot, and maybe it's time that we quit placating those that seek to destroy everything in the name of hatred and racism and start standing up for tradition and ousting those who are unwilling to look someone in the eyes and tell them to "get a grip, it's really not about you."


You aren't going to find any Trojans at Sheridan High, only Spartans. The name comes from the fierce and highly successful soldiers of the ancient Greek city state of Sparta.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


Well that was not only educational, but humorous, too.


The people pay for schools with taxes, WE are the voice in that, not the state education board. All comments on here are against the ruling.. Really now? More overstepping the constitution, the government run state education board has no business telling the people what we can and cannot have..if your that submissive , welcome to nazi germany the more you let them get away with things. the more they are going to take.

Now is the time people are starting to "wake up". Finally they have taken so much in little bits over time that its noticeable and the corruption is being fought. For spirit of 1776 is here alive in the minds of the majority, not the 1%.


Well that is interesting! My school had the same mascot, yet labled Trojans, it was later changed to Bull Dogs. God, what a relief, but I am sure it will upset someone at some point, so why not change it too?


Actually, the Trojans, who hailed from the Turkish city of Troy, predecessor to Constantinople, and the Spartans, from the Greek city-state of Sparta, were both contemporaries and fierce rivals.
The Greeks and Turks have been foes for, literally, thousands of years � perhaps as far back as 3,000 B.C.
The Trojans and Spartans fought the Trojan War in the 1260s B.C., or thereabouts, over the Spartan maiden Helen. She was dubbed Helen of Troy after being seized by Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, who refused Spartan demands for her return.
Troy finally fell at the conclusion of a 10-year siege. Legend has it that the Spartan forces gained entry by hiding inside a huge wooden horse left outside the Trojan gates, known ever since as The Trojan Horse.
Other Greek city-states, like Athens, dominated in other areas. Sparta dominated in warfare.
So the Trojan Corp. is a Johnny come lately by, oh, 50 centuries or so.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


I may..or.. may not be wrong on this one, but I'd like to add to Steve's already outstanding history lesson, if I may.

I'm think'n, Manup, just might be a bit confused over the elegantly 'poof'd high-hair-atop-helmet-thingys. That had seemed to be all the rage in high fashion back in their day. Actually, the higher the 'High & Tight' coif, the more dazzling the soldier appeared when confronting his adversary's in battle.

It was probably a lesser known guy named, 'Homio the Hoplite', a hairdresser, that had first came-up with the idea. Just a guess, but I would imagine the refrain..."woW!...did you see the big hair on that guy?"...was more often heard, than not.

Whereas today's Warriors, you'll more often prefer to sport their high and tights, safely tucked away beneath their helmets.

Any trouble with this one, Chief, just let me know.


Yeah, saw the 'do' thought trojan as that was my school, but the point was- at some point even a Spartan can offend, so why even have them (mascots) at all if this is what we are going to allow?


Perhaps someday public schools will have corporate sponsors of their athletic programs. How bout the Whirlpool Wizards..or..[_________________]

You try filling in the blank with something that's not offensive to anyone.


Maybe the Tillamook Cheesemakers should change their mascot since they are making fun of their parents and family members, that are employed byTillamook Cheese. My god such disrespect!!!!

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