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Starrett and Olson hash out details of trail hearing

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The answers do exist. Why is it that Stan Primozich changed his position from before the election? His website says:
"As a Veteran I fought for this nation and as a Commissioner I will continue to fight for the rights guaranteed by our constitution, I will not support the [Yamhelas] Westsider trail or any other project that would infringe on our citizens property rights." Go to under Issues. Or cut and paste this tiny URL:


The county leaders want to spend millions of dollars of our money to purchase a 17 mile abandoned railroad for a bicycle path for Ken Wright Cellars future hotel in Carlton. Meanwhile ORS215.296 feasibility impact study is being ignored, and Palmer Creek bridge and other important infrastructure remain in disrepair. They have an ODOT grant, but that is for bridges only. I want to see the a budget for this project.

Mac Native 66

We need that trail like we all need another hole in our head. What is needed is the rail to be put back so we get the traffic off the road. For every freight car it takes three semis off the hwys. Commuter trains wouldn't hurt ether


This trail proposal, as Donald Rumsfeld might have said, contains far too many known unknowns. Why are details omitted or dismissed or vague?
Who benefits most from the completion? Determining the answer might shine a brighter light on a suspiciously murky plan.


Follow the money. Who in Carlton will be able to sell an easement to the county after they foolishly purchase the non contiguous ROW from the railroad. The value of that easement will surely increase after the county really needs it to put in the trail. It goes to show that influencing a politician can pay off. Wouldn't you solidify the easements prior to purchase? Oh I forgot that Stan said it's "free" money from the tax coffers so we can throw around a lot of that "free" money to pay his top supporter.

Mac Native 66

I did write an e-mail to an ODOT rail division personal and would like you to be able to see what he said, but it's over the 2000 word limit.
Any ideas Nicole Montesano?


MacNative66, you can send it to me at then I may post it on the facebook page. Also, would it fit here if you did two posts?

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