By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

Springer takes reins at Public Works

The reasoning was that Allen Springer was new to the board and needed time to get acclimated before assuming one of the three major portfolios. George suggested she would relinquish one of them, Public Works, to him by mid-year.

That handoff officially took place April 1, a little earlier than expected.

The commissioners made it official when they met Thursday. They said Public Works should be a good fit for Springer, as he is a contractor by trade, and Public Works Director John Phelan agreed with that assessment.

“With his knowledge of construction and his past work in the private sector, I think it will be a win-win situation for us,” Phelan said. “He’s very ambitious about projects and wanting to see things accomplished.”

George, whose background is in farming, said Springer was such a quick study it didn’t take him long to get up to speed. She had such a full plate, she said, she couldn’t see any good reason to wait until June to make the change.

Springer said he was willing to accept responsibility for Public Works from the start. But deferring gave him time to get better acquainted with department heads and attend a series of city council meetings around the county.

“This is a good thing,” he said. “We talk a similar language, so that’s a benefit.

“It’s a good opportunity. I’m looking forward to working with John and his crew, as well as with the longstanding team on the Road Improvement Advisory Committee.”

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