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Springer should draw nod for county commission seat

With Springer, what you see is what you get

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Kris Bledsoe

Really? The editorial board thinks we should have an outspoken, rigid, non-team playing County Commissioner? I guess it will make for more interesting news stories:)


At what point did it become even remotely appropriate that a newspaper directs people who to vote for? When did journalists become commentators?
I appreciate that Jeb owns this paper and feels he has the right to make it his personal forum. But, the readers are the board of directors. And, given the way things are going, people are selling their stock due to lack of faith.
I have read comment after comment with readers advising they expect more from journalists. The NR stopped being journalists when there were more adjectives than factual information.


As far as the election: Mr. Springer, in the May primary voter's pamphlet, did not list a single way to contact him to get his take on anything. Ms. Bacon, on the other hand, did have that information, was available and responded to questions when asked.
As a taxpayer, I want a commissioner that is open to public comment.


And, isn't this considered an in-kind donation? Not unlike the Seattle Times editorial community doing a full page ad promoting a candidate (under extreme protests from their on-staff journalists for tainting the process - they are supposed to report on it, not take sides). It would be interesting, if one had time on their hands, to check Orestar to see if Mr. Springer claimed this large donation. What does an ad this size cost an advertiser?

Reporter Starla Pointer

This is an editorial piece, not a news story, and totally separate from news coverage. It's a long-standing tradition for editorial boards of all newspapers to make endorsements during elections.


I assume you mean tradition. And it still doesn't make it right. Any stories on his voting record? No. The article done about him was a writing piece, not a journalism piece.

Don Dix

Just wondering Mrs. Flood -- would you make the same accusations and ask the same questions of the NR if 'the board' had endorsed Denise Bacon?


Newspapers have been endorsing candidates since the 18th century. Angela Flood simply sounds like she's Denise Bacon's campaign manager.


actually, i object any time its done. and i have no affiliation with either candidate. but way to push down another point of view on an editorial topic.

Don Dix

So, asking a simple question equates to 'pushing down another point of view' -- wow! There must have been a few bands broken while making that stretch!


As a candidate I will tell you that these endorsements only matter if you get them. I don't think that they change voters minds all that much-- people who read the paper tend to make up their own minds far earlier then when the endorsements come out.
I have often wondered why candidates bother to do them at all-- and the answer really is that it is part of the history of politics. In a time when people couldn't get in touch with each candidate themselves (yes, there was a time when there was no cell phones, websites, and email!!), they relied on these endorsements to help them. That was also back in the day when the media was "the fourth branch of the government" the watchdog for the people-- we have seen that part of history go by the wayside as well.
Editorial boards are also different-- this one is made up of just people from the newspaper while the Newberg board is made up of many people from the community and the newspaper. Does it change the outcome-- it might. So, it is just part of the "race" and we live with it. It didn't hurt my feelings for more than a minute or two-- I can't be doing this kind of work and not expect someone to hit you once in a while-- it has been a great race with no mud slinging and that is all that mattered to me.


Ok, now I'm really confused. Are Angela Flood and Denise Bacon the same person posting under different names?
In my opinion, Angela just sounds a little too personally invested in this to not have any affiliation with the campaign.

Root Canal

I think it would be way better if there was full disclosure here. Yesterday's article on campaign contributions listed a contribution from Kathy George (a sitting commissioner) to Springer's campaign. Then a mailer shows up from a PAC run by the George's and their buddies endorsing Springer also. We've seen the prid quo pro for years at the County with the Lewis/George team. One in the back pocket of the other. I don't know which candidate is more qualified, but I definitely don't want to see more of the same with the commissioners. Yamhill County citizens deserve better. The antics, hidden cameras, constant drama, and expensive useless investigations, need to end now. Whichever one is the least hooked to either of the other two will get my vote.

Don Dix

The Reps are backing Springer, and the Dems support Bacon, in a supposedly non-partisan election.

The way it appears, the extremes (of each party) wish to wedge their way into the decisions of whomever is elected by making endorsements and contributions (buying favors down the road), muscling, if you will.

Usually, good ideas and programs come from both sides, but the divide between the parties will not allow much in the way of acknowledgment, only partisan bickering and finger pointing. But that is their defined agenda, and the extremes make sure it continues. The 'bigs' on either side will only stir the pot. It's the minions who get their hands dirty, parroting what the party states as truth.

None of this activity is good for Yamhill Co. or it's citizens, but results are not important, it's all about control.


I find it interesting that both "angela flood" and "denise bacon" just suddenly went quiet.

Jeb Bladine

Just for the record, Angela Flood and Denise Bacon are, indeed, two quite different people.

Denise Bacon is a respected, active civic leader from Newberg. The News-Register, in endorsing Allen Springer, had only positive references to her.

Angela Flood is a long-time Lafayette activist whose comments are confusing, given her long history of lobbying the newspaper for its support on political issues from Lafayette. To my knowledge, despite many years of political activism and contact with our newspaper, she has never before expressed to us any opposition to the tradition of newspaper editorial endorsements.

Jeb Bladine

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