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Springer sees campaign as a calling

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windy ridge

the question for both candidates is, are they truly independent and non-partisan? The article on Bacon showed her with mary stern. springers campaign information shows him with neil lockhart and he appears closely aligned with the lewis, george camp. what we need is a truly non-partisan, independent candidate to end the constant bickering and questionable expensive antics that we've seen of late. whichever of these candidates can show that gets my vote.


We had a candidate like that - Angel Aguiar. Hopefully he gives it another shot in two years.

Don Dix

windy ridge,

"what we need is a truly non-partisan, independent candidate to end the constant bickering and questionable expensive antics that we've seen of late."

I'm not sure that is a realistic possibility. When voters begin casting ballots for the best candidate instead of voting strict party line, maybe such a candidate will appear. But for now, most candidates cannot afford to stray far from the flock, even in a non-partisan race.


Springer said that having religious organizations help deal with community problems, and while agree that they can be help and assist, I think government often has a role. For example in times of recession (which I believe we haven't even become close to how bad it will become). Charity organizations including church, hurt for money. Government does as well, however government can get money adjust money received from wealth inequality to make up the difference. IF (but they aren't) they were also smart enough they could actually apply cash reserves to adjust to it.

My biggest complaint about Romney for example wasn't the 47% comment it was that companies and business paid only 7.9% of all taxes colllected last year and the excuse was but we are in a recession.. Okay.. so why is it okay for companies to have 7.9 but not okay for individuals that are making no money?

so we need to Really think through how we deal with issues and the affect that maybe not direct, but is still an affect. This goes with adding a little tax to a lot of things .. etc..etc... In my opinion many people lack that "Karma" thing.. one thing affects another thing that affects another thing and so forth...

Troy Prouty*


So it's Romney's fault businesses only paid 7.9% of all taxes collected. Wow, he's a pretty powerful ex-governor.


Seems like you all got off of the story in this thread. I think Windy is correct in that we should elect a commissioner who isn't beholden to one of the two others. One danger of a three member body is it can be commandeered pretty easily - as we've seen for the last several years. One sitting commissioner serves as a campaign chair for a candidate, said candidate gets elected, and you have one beholden to the other, thus its really a board of one since it only takes two votes to make anything pass. Not good for Yamhill county. Whichever of the two current candidates is truly independent of the two remaining commissioners should be the one we elect. Someone who will actually listen, make the best independent decision based upon the facts instead of the wishes of their buddy commissioner. That I believe would best serve our county and its citizens.


Interesting DM..

What I said is why would he make a statement about 47% of the population not paying taxes and implying they are irresponsibe (lazy welfare begging fools) but not apply those same standards to corporations?

If Corporations and business struggle, they lay people off. We have a huge unemployment rate in case Romney hasn't noticed, thus many people are struggling to live and many of those people "yes" don't pay taxes because of it.

Why does a candiate have to be more left or more right?

Why can't they just be themselves?

I'm starting to really wonder why we keep thinking in terms of two. Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative. Makes me wonder if that is what they want, to make sure we attempt to keep people away from being "Themselves".

Scanner for you

If you vote for me I promise this "if put in a government position, I realize I'm only a voice for the people. This isn't about me, or what I believe. My vote only accounts for one" But if elected I would speak to people, start a website of the issues and run a poll, and based on the results of the poll, rather I disagree or agree. I would vote that way. Because once again. I speak for the people, not me.


Kris Bledsoe

"But he said it turned out God had other plans for him. God wanted him to run for the commissioner position open this year." So God is now micromanaging the governing body of Yamhill County? What a relief. Now if God could just pay more attention to the innocents all over the world who do not have enough to eat or a roof over their head, that would be wonderful.


@Kris - I don't think that God is micromanaging the board. I think that one can receive direction from God to make a choice such as this in their life, perhaps that's what Allen meant. Doesn't mean God appointed him, just that he felt impressed to run. I think the bigger concern as pointed out above is whether he's in someone's back pocket as was pointed out up above in these comments. I agree. What we have seen in recent years is very clearly one commissioner in the back pocket of another, and this doesn't serve Yamhill County at all. Instead it serves the very personal agenda of a single commissioner which has yielded disasterous results. Its time to have three independent thinking commissioners. Whichever of the two candidates can show that they are independent thinkers has my vote.


Hi Kris,

I hope to hear you more on here! You are an important part of this community !



Thank you Kris for your comment. You said it best for me.

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