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Springer gets some motherly advice

Selk, who works for custom homebuilder Allen Springer, an incoming county commissioner, slipped into a seat in the back of a crowded courtroom. He looked on as Yamhill County Circuit Judge John Collins swore in Springer and five other newly elected or re-elected county officials — Clerk Brian Van Bergen, Treasurer Michael Green, Assessor Scott Maytubby, District Attorney Brad Berry and Judge Ronald Stone.

Like Springer, Van Bergen and Green are new to their posts. Maytubby, Berry and Stone are holdovers.

Collins referred to the group as a “good panel of people” in his opening remarks. And he gave each an opportunity to address the audience.

The predominate theme of their remarks was gratitude to family, staff and voters for the opportunity.

“Justice is difficult sometimes,” Stone said. “Justice is human. I will do the best I can to protect your rights and your safety.”

Selk, whose work boots and construction attire made him stand out, joined at least 100 others at a reception hosted by the board of commissioners. He said he was there to honor his boss.

“I have a lot of respect for the man,” he said. “He’s strong in his morals, values and beliefs, and he’s not afraid to show it. I really admire that.

“What you see is what you get. You’re going to get his best. I couldn’t find a better boss.”

Selk said Springer works hard and demands the same from those around him.

“When it’s time to work in the morning, it’s time to work,” he said. And work was where they were all headed following the reception.

For Van Bergen, one early order of business was finding a chair for his desk. But first, he had some papers to sign and some reports to proofread. 

Outgoing Clerk Becky Stern Doll met him in the hallway and told him she had a sheaf of keys to hand over. They compared the exchange to the passing of a baton.

Green already had a set of keys to his office. The commissioners appointed him to the job last month so he could get a head start. 

The aim was to allow him time to develop a new investment plan for the county. It worked, as Green said he would have a draft ready for initial board consideration later this month. 

Commissioner Kathy George expressed pleasure with the turnout. She welcomed the new and returning officials with similar sentiments as Collins in saying, “It’s a great honor to be elected and with that honor comes great responsibility and accountability.” 

George also took the time to recognize two departing officials, Stern Doll from the clerk’s office and Leslie Lewis from the commissioners’ office.

She told Lewis, “‘Thank you’ seems like an anemic term in light of your efforts and commitment, but I want you to know that we wish you the very best as you leave this position. We are certain you will always be a person of service and distinction in whatever you do in the future.”

Rocky Losli, who said he was representing only the general public at the event, offered this advice: “Remember to apply the Constitution of the United States of America to everything. That’s how this country can be better tomorrow than it actually is today.” 

Springer’s mother, Dorothy, also directed some advice his way: “Use good judgment, give what’s on your plate a lot of consideration and be aware that you are working for the public. You’re there for a purpose.”

That’s why she voted for him, she explained.

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