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'Spooky Little Town'

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hope it turns out well for carlton -- i won't be attending because, call me crazy, but i don't like to pay money to get frightened! but i know that's just me and some people really find that fun and entertaining so for those of you who do, have fun!


This sounds like GREAT FUN! I lived in Carlton in the 80's and always wondered what the Granary looked like here is my chance!! :)

Reporter Starla Pointer

I got to go in when I was doing this story -- it's plenty creepy at 10:30 a.m. in broad daylight, and you should love it during the Haunted Granary event.

skull crusher

Carlton in itself is creepy!


When is the ball? It says Saturday the 26th, but Saturday is the 27th. So which is it? Thanks!

Reporter Starla Pointer

Saturday, the 27th, is the correct date.

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