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Space heater ignites Happy Hut fire

Jan 18, 2012 | 13 Comments

News-Register Staff

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03:50 am - Thu, January 19 2012
troy prouty said:
With all the media attention on the happy hut over the last couple of months, I'm interested in knowing how the fire started?

Troy Prouty*
07:50 am - Thu, January 19 2012
Yankeeholic said:
Well Troy...I read the article and it tells me on the head line ... Space heater ignites Happy Hut fire...does that answer your question... A space heater ignited the fire, according to Fire Marshal Eric McMullen . And btw..the Happy Hut has only been in the paper ONCE over the past few months for selling SYNTHETIC weed...I can already see what your getting @..jus like 911 it was an inside job..Cheers
11:10 am - Thu, January 19 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
On a positive note, the paint job on the facade appears to have sustained only minor damage. I guess that's something to be cheerful about, Yankeeholic.. Rather than repaint the entire wall, I'd suggest and artistic rendition of swirling flames around the entry and window's, and perhaps even rename the joint...'Up in Smoke'
04:19 pm - Thu, January 19 2012
buzzLightyear said:
I have no remorse for the owner of his store. He's treated his customers as well as his employees like crap for years. He is shady, and I totally believe he would do something like purposely set this place on fire. I hope they do a thorough investigation.
07:26 am - Fri, January 20 2012
TJ111 said:
It's interesting that in the photo and videos several of the firefighters without their SCBA on appear to be standing in the smoke, smiling and giggling. Towards the end of one of the videos several can be seen running down to the circle K to get a bag of cheetos and a box of Captain Crunch. Hmmmm....
08:28 am - Fri, January 20 2012
troy prouty said:
posted "Well Troy...I read the article and it tells me on the head line "

That wasn't the headline when I posted. They added that after I had posted. But thanks for your concern.

Troy Prouty*
10:20 am - Fri, January 20 2012
steve1984hamilton said:
TJ111 Very nice of you to publically criticise the men of our community who VOLUNTEER
10:25 am - Fri, January 20 2012
steve1984hamilton said:
to do a job that most of you who point out these things wont or cant do! Understanablly that people will talk about roscoe and his business but for goodness sake cant you find something else to talk about. I am positive those firemen or women who were there knew better what to do then any of us or maybe we would all volunteer! so point is grow up get off your drama horse and LEAVE MAC FIRE DEPARTMENT OUTTA YOUR stupid cynical comments.
10:48 am - Fri, January 20 2012
TJ111 said:
It was a joke you morons. I AM A FIREFIGHTER. The joke was about happy hut, not the fire department. Get a clue.
12:03 pm - Fri, January 20 2012
retiredbs said:
@ Steve, you really should read the posts before commenting. This way, you won't be angry over NOTHING. I'm sure TJ was referring to this video from Jimmy Kimmel's Show of the San Diego Fire Department:
06:07 pm - Fri, January 20 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
I have to agree with retiredbs, firefighters can be jackass's, too.
08:18 am - Sat, January 21 2012
troy prouty said:
posted "sake cant you find something else to talk about"

oh.. I get it. Be positive only and that way, we will make sure nothing changes in our messed up society.. So those knocked down, stay there and those on top never change. Good idea... Status Quo - gotcha..... good.. Change - bad ... got it... wink..

Troy Prouty*

"A reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persist in trying to adapt the world to himself, therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man"

Learn it, Live by it, and make change happen. thanks..
07:16 pm - Mon, January 23 2012
skull crusher said:
I am with Troy's first post! It may say a space heater caused the blaze but, I still think that sounds suspicious. I am usually a fan of sarcasm but,Yankee takes sarcasm to a whole new level!

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