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Sign enforcement has tempers flaring

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Good work. Love to see most signs disappear for safety reasons, and pure asthetics.


Hard to feel sorry for businesses that have had 8 years to comply......that's plenty of notice.....


Signs? Signs? Good grief, the government needs to mind their own business and leave the signs alone. What are they going to come up with next, a ban on plastic bags at the grocery store?


Maybe next month they'll finally go after the junk trailers without tags parked off OS.

Mac Native 66

I think we can thank all the NON OREGONIANS for this fiasco.
This should be shoved where the sun don't shine. Next thing you'll here them cry about, will be the Christmas decoration can't be put up anymore around town.


I don't understand why this was ever put into place. The signs aren't hurting anything.


Does anyone know if Remy Drabkin was one of the members of the City Council who passed this ordinance in 2009? The same Remy Drabkin who a few weeks ago seemed unsympathetic to the pleas of downtown merchants to discuss downtown safety and cleanliness as it relates to the homeless.


The ordinance was passed eight years ago, during the Kent Taylor/Ed Gormley era.
Remy didn't join the council until several years later. She had no part in that discussion, which, as I recall, was quite heated and protracted.


People arguing that signs should be left alone and aren’t hurting anything should travel to cities, in Oregon, that have strict sign ordinances in place. They are much, much less trashy and gaudy. I would love to see 99 percent of those worthless signs disappear. I’m with the NewsRegister and city on this one. Strong work!

And give me a break, no Christmas decorations? Nice hyperbole.

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