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Show is a go

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Is it going to be a whopping 15 minutes long like last year? Lol

Ryan Joachim

The Jaycees put on a show as large and as lengthy as they can with the money they are able to raise. Donations (both in the form of money as well as volunteers) have become harder and harder to produce over the last decade, which necessitates cutting back in some areas in order to make sure that we can actually have a successful event.

I know from past experience that the shows have never been very long, with the longest being between 20-25 minutes long. That was back in the "good ol' days" when fireworks were cheap and the community was still able to give greater amounts of donations. In order to keep the show we have had to cut down on both the size of the shells (which dictates how high they go, how big the bang is, etc), as well cutting down on the total amount of fireworks.

To cut a long story shorter, we do what we can with what we have. I hope you enjoy the show this year, and feel free to head to to voice any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us!

Ryan Joachim
Past President - McMinnville Jaycees


I have not seen July 4 fireworks since the show left Newby.
There is no public transportation on holidays, or not even a shuttle to Amity. Why doesn't Jaycee's negotiate with McMinnville Scools and come up with a way to go back to Newby. How about a big tarp to cover the baseball field during the event? Wow! A city like McMinnville has no July 4 festival. I'm getting very close on deciding to move to Portland.
McMinnville is getting very boring.

Reporter Starla Pointer

Jaycees fireworks were never at Newby -- the school was Patton (previously called McMinnville Middle School). Not only has the school field changed, with the addition of the baseball diamond and track, but laws regarding fireworks shows also have changed. Now a much larger fallout area (ie., no spectators allowed) are is required, so it takes a larger, more isolated space than a site in the middle of a residental/commercial neighborhood.


Either way, a drive from Mac to Amity, struggling to find a parking spot, finally arriving and only being settled for a few minutes to watch some OK fireworks for 15 minutes then going home just isnt worth it for us. We'll do our own thing this year, will be much better.

Ryan Joachim

I'm sorry to hear that the short drive to Amity is too much of a deterrent for you this year. If you wanted to make a day out of it, we are opening to the public at 3pm, and will have live music for most of the night. There will also be food vendors, a dunk tank, and bouncy houses to entertain the children with.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great Independence Day!

Ryan Joachim

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