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Sherwood man found dead in wrecked vehicle

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Everytime I drive past that spot I say to myself "why is there no guardrail there".. My thoughts have finally come true, with the loss of a life. How can ODOT put a blind eye to danger spots like this on highway 99. When I saw the emergency crews there yesterday I could only wonder how many days has someone been down in there. It is so steep and so deep, "why no guard rail". My heart felt prayers go out to the family of this man.


There are far more dangerous spots on HWY99 than there. Hell, people go 10-15 under the posted speed in that spot anyway! Its terrible what happened but a guardrail is hardly the issue.


have you seen the condition of the road, id rather it repaired before guardrails!

John Smith Jr

My thoughts and prayers are with the family

...but i wonder if fatigue had anything to do with it - I mean he was at the casino at 1 in the morning, and he was 75 years old, he might have fallen asleep at the wheel,

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