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Sheriff's Office seeking stolen motorhome

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I saw this story posted on facebook from The Oregonian before it was in in the NR.
Why don't our local police notify our local newspapers right away and send out text messages. They have the "Do you recognize this person" page on face book, I never saw it there either.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me their asking the publics help a day late and a dollar short.


Virtually all city, county, police and school agencies in Oregon use the statewide Flash Alert system these days. When it has something newsworthy, the agency simply posts it to Flash Alert, which transmits it instantly to every individual, agency, newspaper or business that has signed up for that agency's releases.
We have, of course, signed up for releases from every Yamhill County agency and a number of state agencies, including the Oregon State Police. The Oregonian has no doubt signed up for a vastly broader array of releases, as its area of interest is much broader.
That means the News-Register and Oregonian received the release simultaneously. In such cases, I imagine we will get it up first sometimes and they will get it up first other times, but there shouldn't really be much lag.
We're happy with that. It seems fair. And it is certainly easier for the agency to simply post one release to one point.
Previously, they had to maintain current rosters of the names and e-mail addresses of interested parties, and decide when a particular release seemed to warrant broader than usual dissemination. Now, they don't.
One consequence if that a lot of us get a lot of releases that hold no interest for us. We probably average at least a dozen releases a day from the state police, but only use a couple a week. But it's easy to ignore the ones on an incident occurring in Hermiston or Ashland.
Timeliness is an entirely different matter, and you make a great point there. The quicker an agency puts something out, the more effective it is.
The state police are incredible. They will often have a release out on a wreck within minutes of the initial 911 call and update it several times as more information emerges. But the agency has a very robust PR staff that a local agency could never justify.
Locally, the county sheriff's office is typically the quickest and most pro-active, and the city PD next. It can be spotty with the smaller agencies.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

Dances with Redwoods

Steve, if you would, what's the actual name & address of the RV storage facility where the crime took place?

Dances with Redwoods

I'd like to 'Google Earth' the crime scene, if you were wondering the why of my request.


McMinnville RV and Self Storage, 13999 Highway 99W, McMinnville, OR 97128. Despite the McMinnville name and address, it's actually located on Highway 99W in Whiteson.


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