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Sheriff's office investigating rock quarry theft

DAYTON — The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office Community Response Team is investigating the theft last Sunday of about $20,000 worth of copper wire from a rock quarry located south of Dayton off Northeast Mallard Lane.

The suspects are described as three males, and one has a distinctive ponytail that extends to the middle of his back. Surveillance photos of the suspects were released by the sheriff's office.

The suspects walked the property, collected about 1,000 feet of wire, loaded it into a vehicle and drove off, according to Capt. Tim Svenson of the sheriff's office.

"They just rolled it up and carried it off," he said.

Time stamps on five surveillance photos that were released by the sheriff's office span a period of about one-half hour.

"They knew what they were doing," Svenson said. "They knew what to wear. They were using flashlights. They were in and out quickly.

The quarry has been victimized before, according to Svenson.

He said the sheriff's office has contacted businesses in the Willamette Valley, making them aware of the theft. One of them is Cherry City Metals Inc. in Salem. They were provided the surveillance photos.

Anyone with information about the case should call deputy Justin Brester at 503-434-7506.



A thousand feet of wire worth $20,000?
According to Capt. Tim Svenson: "They just rolled it up and carried it off,"

They won't take $20K worth of clean copper to Cherry City. They don't pay as well as Snitzer.


I remember back in 1977 as a carpenter that the cost of the 100 ft power-cords that connected the temp-power boxes on the site, ran about $12 per foot.(wholesale)

The power cords seen in the photo's here do appear somewhat similar.

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