By Steve Bagwell • Managing Editor • 

Sheriff pans drive to legalize pot

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HB 3460.

I really don't understand the difference between pain and suffering from cancer verses the pain and suffering from arthritis or just simply a broken down tiered body from being a working stiff. Everybody is entitled to there own opinion. I honestly see a conflict of interest. I don't know how a person who does not have cancer will get the same protection under Sheriff Crabtree as a person prescribed medical marijuana for say chronic pain from tore up knees from being a rig slinger in the woods.
I also did not like how it was made fun of how these medical gardens are needing security. If government had not made marijuana what it is today, It would not be a topic of jokes at Kiwanis meetings. Like a gentlemen had stated in the paper a while back, "The problems from marijuana stem from it's illegality."


The more people get educated about cannabis the better the transmission will be. Weather you agree or disagree, cannabis consumption is a choice. As Oregon evolves into legalization, a positive approach will help.


There are laws of the land and then there are unwritten laws of humanity. When you witness intractable, unspeakable pain in someone you love, the last thing you'll do is check legal issues. You will do anything to help. If you haven't been in that position, your judgment is smug and meaningless. I'm so glad the sheriff didn't have to arrest his dying grandmother.

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