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Sheridan man charged in crash involving step-brother

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skull crusher

Did Mr.Miner willingly get into the car with his step brother knowing he was intoxicated I wonder. It was unfortunate what happened to Mr.Miner but how can he say he doesn't want his step bro to be released if he knowingly got into that car and risked his life?


It's quite obvious that we haven't been adding enough bleach to the gene pool.

What an upstanding member of society, AND father he'll make.



Skull Crusher, No John did not appear drunk when they left.The circumstances of this horrible tragedy are so complex . The fact is that john had his wits about him because crawled out of the car to get in the backseat and pretend there was another driver instead of crawling 50 ft to help his "brother" who was dying in the front seat.There was a house 50 ft away .50ft!! yet they were assumed to have been in that car over 3 hours. 3 hours and you cant crawl to a house 50 feet away? John had total disregard for human life that night .John has never even said he was sorry and the Judge gave him that opportunity to speak with the family but John said "NO I have nothing to say."
Sincerely , Levi's mom


Skull crusher. The bartender. Levis girlfriend had been serving them hard liquor all night for three plus hours. Mind you this was thanksgiving night so the men had already been drinking. Levi drove to the bar drunk. Amanda states that john did not look drunk for the simple fact she was the one who served them the alcohol and then suposably handed john the keys to the car. How does one not look intoxicated after three plus hours of alcohol intake? Oh mind you johns girlfriend was two blocks away. Amanda could have called her and had her come get these men. It has already been stated. John did not crawl out of the car into the backseat. John still to this day can not walk because of his injuries as well. Yes levi knew john was intoxicated. they were drinking together. It is unfortunate what happened to levi. But john is in just as bad of condition he is. People really need to know the full story before they open their mouth. Oh and while levi was recovering, he already stated he did not remember anything. John just wants his brother/best friend to be his best friend once again.

skull crusher

191, I wasn't "opening my mouth.' I was just asking because there are 50 different stories at least circulating around Yamhill County and I was curious. I am sorry that the driver never apologized to his brother. That is messed up. Nobody deserves to be incapacitated. I hope Levi makes a full recovery. Maybe young people can learn from this situation.


Not too classy to be airing your family dirty laundry on a public forum. I also don't appreciate the foul language. This site is available to kids as well as adults. I hope the NR removes the offensive post. Thanks.


191 how do u know so much about this accident? 191 John is not innocent he will pay for what he has done!!!!!! I watch Levi struggle each and every day to do simple daily things.plz if u dont know the facts SHUT UR MOUTH!!!!! If u have not seen it with ur own eye hear it with ur own ear and use ur mouth and spread lies. We know the truth and that is all that matters ------ Team Levi supporter :)


News Register Editor,
I said some things in the heat of the moment . Levi is my son and I just lost my mind when others were trying to blame him and his girlfriend . Please accept my apologies and remove the posts.


End of discussion.
Please consider this debate over. Let's all move on.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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