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Sheridan Japanese School claims district is withholding funds

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Jeff C.

The Northwest Center for Educational Options commissioned a study on Charter School Funding in Oregon. Information on this, and the report, can be found on their website at this address:

The Power Point presentation referenced includes some specific financial information relative to the Sheridan Japanese School, and the Sheridan School District, on pages 11 and 12.


Readers need to understand how charter school funding and general public school funding works to make sense of this article.

First, the state collects various taxes from the residents and businesses, primarily through property taxes. The state receives other funds from the federal government for education. These funds then get divided up for secondary education, various school districts, and special educational programs. In general, a school district receives funds from the state in proportion to the number of students enrolled at the school. The amount varies from district to district, but for many districts it is 10 - 13 thousand per student in the k-12 grades. The district manages these funds and distributes them to the various schools under its administration.

A charter school is a kind of public school, but with some unique characteristics and less district oversight. With a charter school, however, the district often keeps a much larger percentage of the funds it receives from the state, and passes only a fraction on to the school to pay for its facility, staff, supplies, etc. This is one of the reasons that charter schools are pretty meager when it comes to facilities, staff and resources... and why districts allow them in the first place. Districts actually make more money on charter schools than on standard ones. But, as can be seen from this dispute, for many people, money for nothing isn't enough. They want more money, and control, too.

Districts play similar games with home schooling. They try to "motivate" home schoolers to register with the local school district; in that way, the district receives more money. But with extremely rare exception, it passes NONE of that on to the actual people on whose behalf it received the funds. It keeps 100%.


Well said komodo.


Where is the money and who is collecting the interest?

Jeff C.

To grossly simplify an answer to Manup's question:

The Oregon school districts receive payments from the state the 15th of every month.

The amounts allocated to the separate districts around the state can be found at:

These are the amounts to be paid out to the separate districts based on their enrollment numbers, and other criteria utilized in the State's calculation formula.

Scroll down the page to the pdf entitled: "Revised 2011-12 District Estimates as of October 27, 2011."

The Yamhill County School Districts begin on page 193 of that document. Sheridan is listed on page 199.

The actual payments are referred to as the "District Warrants." A pdf of the January Warrants can be found here:

Again, Yamhill County Schools begin on page 193. Sheridan is on page 199. The Net amount paid to Sheridan from the State School Fund, for January, was $571,367.00.


You absolutely did not simplify that! Maybe I am just too lazy this morning to click and read. A simple answer would have been- "so and so has the money in such and such account, and so and so is raking in the interest to buy a new car."

Thanks for the info, if I gain some energy forget bored i'll check it out.

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