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Sheridan High School locked down

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troy prouty

So is this our future?

Nobody wanting to give up guns and people freaking when guns are sighted?

Similar I guess in thought to a person taking a pic until a child gets in the frame then he becomes a perv.

I saw a person just taking a video (you tube) - people freaked. They don't freak when on camera all day throughout the city. But put some guy there and whamo..

I don't think we want to become this Nation, but we will, like so many things that was not intended for example our now... less social economic mobility etc..,etc...



According to my son and his buddy (SHS students) it was just some dude carrying a stick. High school gossip... take it for what it's worth.


Officers did stop and talk to a youth in a purple shirt who was spotted walking along with a large a stick in his hand. However, the teenage caller reported an older adult male in a brown jacket and blue jeans carrying, specifically, a single-shot shotgun.

Could the original call, supposedly placed 30 minutes after the fact, have been bogus in the first place? Hard to tell, but seems like it could be a possibility.

Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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