By Steve Bagwell • Managing Editor • 

Sheep and cat kills blamed on cougar

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I warned of a possible big cat issue over a year ago in town, next to the ravine area by Joe Dancer by the powerhouse after a pet chicken was slaughtered in the night. I was ignored.


Wow!!! That must have been one hungry cougar, look how clean it picked that skull! The cougar even bleached it pressure washed it and brought it back. I guess their right, criminals do return to the scene of the crime.
Wait a minute... isn't that a cow skull with sheep wool?

Holly cheezy photo Batman!!! It must be The Riddler.


c'mon silencedogood, if the remains have been there for 2 weeks, with decomp, rain and vultures, it's not that surprising that the skull is clean.

"Shona Wilson, biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, said too much time had passed to confirm a cougar as the culprit, particularly with the recent heavy rain."


What would be the purpose of falsifying a photo as you're suggesting, silence?

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