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Several burglaries reported downtown

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Surveillance video captured this suspect who took cash from the till at NW Food & Gifts Tuesday afternoon.

McMinnville police are investigating several downtown McMinnville business burglaries that were reported this week.

At about 5:30 a.m. Monday, an employee of the Blue Moon Tavern, 310 N.E. Third St., arrived for work and discovered the business had been ransacked.

Upon inspection of the business, it was discovered a ceiling tile had been removed from a bathroom, according to Capt. Matt Scales.

It's believed one male suspect gained access to the attic through the ceiling and remained there until the business had closed. The suspect then lowered himself onto the bathroom floor and pried open a locked back door in order to let a male accomplice into the business.

"The door was locked from the inside and the outside with a dead bolt," Scales said. "That door was pried open."

The suspects, who were captured on surveillance video, stole cash and about $600 in alcohol, in addition to doing some damage inside the business.

A theft of cash was reported about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday at NW Food & Gifts, 445 N.E. Third St.

According to an employee, a male suspect waited for employees to assist customers and then rummaged through an unsecured area. He took an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the business on foot.

"We at NW Food & Gifts cherish our downtown and have always felt safe," owner James Tate said in a written statement. "We have made additional precautions to help protect all of us here at NW Food & Gifts going forward with this.

"Our staff is not going to let someone who felt the need to take from us hamper our holidays. We are ready and excited to serve the community with locally made gifts and are looking forward to making eeveryone's holiday special."

Two businesses were hit Wednesday morning. Officers responded about 5 a.m. to an alarm sounding at Third Street Books, 334 N.E. Third. That business and McMinnville Antique Gallery share the same address.

Entry to those businesses was gained by breaking out a window. Cash was taken. A window was also smashed at The Vortex, 314 N.E. Third St., Entry was made but nothing was taken. When the alarm at Third Street Books was tripped, the suspect(s) fled before police arrived.

Scales said it's unlikely that the Blue Moon Tavern burglary is related to incidents at McMinnville Antique Gallery, The Vortex and Third Street Books.

 Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call Detective Sgt. Dwayne Willis at 503-434-7307.



I'm so sorry about this and hope these guys are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent! However, I am so surprised to hear that businesses keep cash in their tills these days!! I've worked in restaurants as the person who rings out the till at closing. I was given the "what for" once, when I was 18, because I accidentally left the money in the till. Never did it again. I can't believe that the owner of any business would leave money in the till overnight. Not very smart.

Phil O. Bladine

The News-Register was contacted this morning and told that the money was not taken from the till, as originally reported, but from an unsecured area where money is kept. The article was changed to reflect that account.
Ossie Bladine
News Editor


Thank you Ossie for that correction. The staff at NW Food & Gifts are very careful and diligent in making sure that all money is protected. This perpetrator was searching though the area behind the counter while we were assisting with other customers. During this busy holiday season we are taking additional precautions to make sure this will never happen again. We have a great staff and fortunate to have them!

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