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Setting an example

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Inspiring nurse

Hey there lady! You have quite the inspiring story and sounds like you are an amazing roll model for your precious ones! I admire that and I think you will be a generous addition to the nursing program, any nursing program! I actually believe we are in the same micro class and in reading your story I was amazed at how linear our paths are. I also am going into nursing as well as having three children, whom are still fairly young and working part time while going to school, I also worked in my mothers adult foster care home, that's where I actually grew up in my adolescence. I attend adventure Christian church and have such an amazing and very supportive church family, I also lead a youth group that is so precious to me:) it's not always easy juggling everything at once, but I always say "it's ok to have a busy life" it does show our dedication to ourselves, our families and all others involved as well as leading by example for those that maybe wanting or needing some motivation. Actions speak louder than words and I'm touched by what I see in your story and I know that you will and most likely have already been a strong influence to many! I wish you the best in all you do cause your going to be great at it!


we need more good nurses in our clinics and hospitals - the good ones get burned out quickly from getting overworked so the more the merrier

skull crusher

Wonderful story!

Nurse Nightengale

Inspiring nurse, I would love to ask you if we were in the same Micro class... It is almost unreal how our lives are similar. Thank you to all the kind posts after the article.

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